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Weapons technology



This branch is used for the Assembly and Syndicate factions

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites   Unlocks Description
  Magnetic Energy Storage 1  


Arc 100  


  • Static Buildup Module
  • Arc Discharge
“Arc weapons allow us to disrupt the electrical signals naturally occurring in neural and mechanical control systems. What you see as drooling paralysis is really just the body running without any direct communication with the mind.”
– Claudius Proton, Assembly Researcher
  Electron Impact 3  


Arc   Magnetic Energy Storage 270  


  • Arc Retaliation Defense
  • Arc Manifold
“One of my regulars, a scientist developing Arc weaponry, said that I was his inspiration. My android systems were specialized to avoid static build up. Something about friction. Rub up against enough people and it creates sparks.”
– Emma III, E:bot, in a Patent Dispute Lawsuit
  Ionic Detachment 5  


Arc   Electron Impact 700  


  • Arc Impact Module
  • Aeon Flux Charge
“Arc weapons can be neutralized using dissipation channels. If you can create a conductive circuit around the target, all that energy passes harmlessly around the protected structure—a lightning rod for an individual.”
– Claudius Proton, Assembly Researcher
  Neuro-electric Disruptors 7  


Arc   Ionic Detachment 1500  


  • Stun Module
  • Pulse Disruption Lance
“Most carbon-based lifeforms make poor conductors of electricity. Flood the body with enough electrons and the results are quite literally stunning.”
– Professor R. Lin’l Bunson, Neural-electric Testing
  Positron Technology 9 Arc   Neuro-electric Disruptors 2500
  • Positron Arc Storm Projector
  • Positron Discharge Shield
  • Positron Converter
“Positronic technologies employ high-energy antimatter in Arc weapons. Anti-electrons collapse electrons into high-energy gamma radiation. Like all antimatter, if not properly applied, catastrophic explosions ensue. We’re sure we’ve worked that part out.”
– Dr. Dewy Dollis, Paragon High-Energy Labs


This branch is used for the Kir'ko and Amazon factions

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites   Unlocks Description
  Biochemical Applications 1 Biochemical 100
  • Acidic Composite
  • Biochemical Maceration
“Life is delicate. Evolved over ages of perfected trial and error, one doesn’t gain superpowers by adding an extra helix to the elegant double helix of DNA. It’s lethal. No surprise that this weapon, originally an attempt to enhance life, is better suited for destroying it.”
– Dr. Eva Montinga, Terratech Researcher
  Volatile Afflictions 3 Biochemical   Biochemical Applications 270
  • Corrosive Detonator
“Of course, our military-grade corrosive chemicals will eat away your hand if you touch it regardless of whether you’re innocent or nefarious. It’s a weapon. The innocent don’t play with weapons. Slap another warning label on it and ship it.”
– Shela Kilgraves, CEO Alchemicorp
  Specialized Strains 5 Biochemical   Volatile Afflictions 700
  • Viscous Strain
  • Cerebral Strain
“Our latest batch of corrosive weapons was inspired by industrial cleaning agents. Nothing cleans the battlefield better than our undiluted hyper-reactive infusions, now with the fresh scent of pine.”
– Shela Kilgraves, CEO Alchemicorp
  Advanced Infections 7 Biochemical   Specialized Strains 1500
  • Blight Infection
  • Virulent Canister
“We’ve pioneered many biochemical weapons. This time we’ve added a little twist: the terminally infected explode. We have a dispersion mechanism and the antiviral agent. We decide who lives, who profits and who... explodes.”
– Trask Palin, CTO, Viralica Pharmaceutical, Weaponry Division
  Advanced Infections 9 Biochemical   Advanced Infections 2500
  • Blight Bringer
  • Acid Rain
“To survive, we must unleash the misery we’ve endured on everyone. When the skies rain poison, and the earth crawls with plague, then they will understand us. Only then will they let us live in peace.”
– Tikay Tikk’t, Kir’Ko Liberation Front


This branch is used for the Dvar faction

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites   Unlocks Description
  Enhanced Payloads 2 Explosive 150
  • Flash Payload
  • Advanced Munitions Provision
“Bombs are too predictable. All they do is blow stuff up, which I admit is great, but what if they were more surprising?”
– Sir Dunkle Tog, Red Dvar Bomb Company
  Thermodynamics 4 Explosive   Enhanced Payloads 480
  • Time on Target
“Using successive bombing runs and successively larger explosive ordnance, even if the first bomb misses, subsequent bombs will eventually eliminate the intended target.”
– Ava “Boomer” Goyavic, Dvar Bomb Runner
  Advanced Launchers 6 Explosive   Thermodynamics 1100
  • Guided Delivery Mechanisms
  • Creeping Barrage
“Military contractors love to sell bombs without targeting systems. Every bomb wasted is money in their pockets. By deploying the new targeting upgrades, we’ve already saved our colony a heap of treasure.”
– Dwerg D’vor, Financial Auditor, Municipal Munitions Account
  Augmented Payloads 8 Explosive   Advanced Launchers 2000
  • Smart Payload
“Our latest bombs are more dangerous and have top-of-the-line, smart-sense technology. Judging by the way many artificial intelligences are becoming sentient, it’s only a matter of time before our smart bombs will form a labor union.”
– Sir Yurghie Malovik, Blue Dvar Bomb Company
  Nuclear Solution 9 Explosive   Augmented Payloads 2500
  • Micro Nuclear Payload
  • Tactical Nuclear Strike
“Now that we’ve developed a weapon that can destroy us all, we can finally rest in peace.”
– Zhanna Tserber, Adamant Council member


This branch is used for the Assembly, Dvar and Vanguard factions

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites   Unlocks Description
  Subjugation Ordnance 1 Firearms 100
  • Ammunition: Flechette
  • Shredder Bomb
“Though primitive, blades have always been lethal. Especially striking a foe flying at supersonic speed.”
- Orindra Reaver, Syndicate Assassin.
  Electromagnetic Utilization 3 Firearms   Subjugation Ordnance 270
  • Rail Accelerators
“I was inspired reading research on a maglev train accident in Star Union Station. The E&M breaking failed, launching the train through three solid barriers before stopping. Naturally, I thought the same powers could be used in a weapon.”
– Clint Sutton, Vanguard High Energy Operations
  Explosive Payloads 5 Firearms   Electromagnetic Utilization 700
  • Cluster Shell
“Bombs aren’t always bad. The universe started with a big bang. Makes you wonder: what do you suppose God was trying to destroy when it went off, and did it work?”
– Varla Prakash, Philosopher
  Kinetic Force Manipulation 7 Firearms   Explosive Payloads 1500
  • Kinetic Phase Modulator
  • Kinetic Vectoring Field
“I prefer the elegant clean kill, but when you’re outnumbered, they refuse to surrender, and I have the right weaponry. Well, that’s when it’s time to turn the whole enemy line into something my grandma would call ‘Chunky Salsa.’”
– Enrique Garza, Vanguard Sharpshooter
  Relativistic Projectiles 9 Firearms   Kinetic Force Manipulation 2500
  • Shockwave Infuser
  • Mass-Driver Cannon
“Not only did the target get knocked out, but everyone around him went flying. A natural consequence of an object moving near the speed of light. Now that’s a gun!”
– Kim Jordan, Gun Enthusiast


This branch is used for the Amazon and Vanguard factions

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites   Unlocks Description
  Heavy Laser Application 2 Laser 150
  • Incinerator Module
  • Laser Strike
“Lasers are fast, accurate and leave no bloody mess—just the delicious smell of fried bacon.”
– Mark McNash, CEO Laztech
  Photon Acceleration 4 Laser   Heavy Laser Application 480
  • Hard Light Module
  • Photonic Countermeasures
“Don’t think too rigidly. The speed of light is not a constant if you change it.”
– Dr. Millicent Rickles, Head Researcher, Lazilite Inc.
  Non-Refracting Lasers 6 Laser   Photon Acceleration 1100
  • Laser Penetration Module
  • Shield Breaker Module
“The concept is quite simple really. It’s old medical tech applied to the battlefield. Think of yourself as a surgeon and your enemy is a bad tattoo you need to remove.”
– Mark McNash, CEO Laztech
  Crystalline Technology 8 Laser   Non-Refracting Lasers 2000
  • Flash Module
  • Laser Ablation
“Even the most advanced and brutal technology eventually evolves into something dazzlingly beautiful.”
– Varla Prakash, Philosopher
  Plasma Weaponry 9 Laser   Crystalline Technology 2500
  • Plasma Disintegrator Module
  • Starlight Projector
“They say the first lifeforms evolved from primordial stardust. If so, our new weapon is a reset switch. Instead of stardust-life becoming complex life, complex life is reduced to stardust. Just beautiful! The circle of life, I tell ya!”
– Master Gunnery Sergeant Talwar Aag, Vanguard 2nd Landing Division


This branch is used for the Kir'Ko and Syndicate factions

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites   Unlocks Description
  Dominion of Purification 2 Psionics 150
  • Mantra of Clarity
  • Cleansing Pulse
“Clear your mind and listen. Truth speaks with the quietest voice.”
– Hatyl Ur’Uk, Kir’Ko Dream Reader
  Dominion of Affliction 4 Psionics   Dominion of Purification 480
  • Mind Wipe
“Through assaults, chemical or mental, the mind must remain stalwart. The mind must push beyond any affliction or it risks being wiped out.”
– Malai of House Antares
  Dominion of Vitality 6 Psionics   Dominion of Affliction 1100
  • Mantra of Life
  • Psyonic Bolstering
“The mind requires a body to inhabit. Though it be little more than an animal, it must be kept strong to nourish the whole.”
– Malai of House Antares
  Dominion of Command 8 Psionics   Dominion of Vitality 2000
  • Mantra of Control
  • Psychic Control
“A word is power. Words can be imbued by memory, and fixed by experience. Spoken in command, it is a force to change worlds.”
– Hatyl Ur’Uk, Kir’ko Dream Reader
  Dominion of Aether 9 Psionics   Dominion of Command 2500
  • Aether Storm
  • Mass Insanity
“The Aether is a realm of tumultuous thought. Dream-forms become reality. To unleash it in this world breaks all rational thought, scattering them across a storm of contradictions and impossible ideas. Only the strongest mind would dare trespass there.”
– Mordechai of House Antares


This branch is used for the Shakarn faction

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites   Unlocks Description
  Deafening Frequencies 1 Sonic 100
  • Deafening Amplifiers
  • High-Frequency Projection
“From primordial days, vibrations in the rocks warned us of predators. We took in every sound. We craved tiny tremors. Once we trembled and fled, but we evolved. Sound is our weapon now. We bask on warm stones, feeling the vibrations of a dozen tiny heartbeats, waiting patiently for our prey.” – Kha Bra, Huntress of the Fang
  Sonolysis Application 2 Sonic   Deafening Frequencies

  Heavy Laser Applications

  • Focused Sonolysis Module
  • Shield Shattering Frequency
“Weakness reveals itself not by hastily striking. Listen carefully to what shakes a foe. The strongest armor can be rendered brittle. Simply amplify its resonant frequency. They may be strong, but they cannot abide our cunning.” – Ioshees Tone, The Hidden Tactician
  Sound Augmentation 4 Sonic   Sonolysis Application

  Photon Acceleration

  • Acute Pitch
  • Cavitation Module
“No sound is so soothing that it cannot be turned into a weapon simply by amplifying its volume to the threshold of pain.” – Skarismanda Skaal, Clutch Mistress
  Accelerated Sound Waves 6 Sonic   Sound Augmentation

  Non-Refracting Lasers

  • Reverbing Shields
  • Rapid Cavitation
“Reduce the pressure in water rapidly enough and it creates bubbles, boiling though the temperature never increased. As the spontaneous bubbles collapse, a powerful shockwave is produced, damaging the liquid’s container. This force is called cavitation. How is it relevant? Since most lifeforms are little more than sacks of water, it doesn’t require expertise in fluid dynamics to appreciate its destructive strength.” – Skenniss Tumaal, Deep-sea Assimilator
  Perfect Resonance 8 Sonic   Accelerated Sound Waves

  Crystalline Technology

  • Sono-Interference Module
  • Field-Wide Resonant Frequencies
“Reality is a string vibrating in perfect tones. Match these chords and you’ll discover the explosive resonance that started the universe.” – Geckion Glassfang, Sacred Singer