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(Damage channels)
(Damage channels)
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| Armor Melt, Infections, Slowdown
| Armor Melt, Infections, Slowdown
| [[File:Damage Firearms.png|24px]] Kinetic
| [[File:Damage Kinetic.png|24px]] Firearms
| Anti-Organic, Bleeding, Smart Bullets
| Anti-Organic, Bleeding, Smart Bullets

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Tactical combat

Combat is more focused on ranged combat than melee combat. The damage a unit takes is calculated with the following formula:

Accuracy and hit chances

Each ranged weapon has a certain accuracy that is affected by factors such as distance, cover, terrain levels and defensive buffs such as smoke screens. Based on accuracy an attack can hit a target for full damage, graze it for half damage or miss entirely based on the following percentages:

Chance to hit Chance to graze Chance to miss
90% 10% 0%
75% 25% 0%
50% 25% 25%


Overwatch guards an arc of hexes in front of a unit, and the first enemy unit to act or move in one of those hexes will get shot at. Overwatch for ranged units is done on command while melee units are always on overwatch but only on hexes directly in front of them.

Overwatch can be removed by Staggering a unit. A unit can be staggered by explosives, melee attacks and high impact attacks. Staggering will also knock units out of guard mode and reduce their action points, limiting their options in their next turn. A unit Staggered enough times will not be able to act at all.

Damage channels

Each weapon group is dominated by a single damage channel but contains modules that allow changing into certain additional damage channels.

Weapon group Module damage channels
Damage Arc.png Arc Anto-Mechanical, Bouncing Projectile, Stagger
Damage Bio.png Biochemical Armor Melt, Infections, Slowdown
Damage Kinetic.png Firearms Anti-Organic, Bleeding, Smart Bullets
Damage Thermal.png Laser Blinding, Burning, Disintegration, Shield Breaking
Damage Psionic.png Psionic Buffs, Debuffs, Mind Control