Welcome to my user page!

My contributing list

  • Fix grammatical errors
  • Fix erroneous spelling mistakes
  • Sort out layouts
  • Add stub templates on short articles (if necessarily)
  • Welcome new editors to the Planetfall wiki
  • Revert vandalism/spam (if necessarily)
  • Patrol the recent changes
  • Add deletion tags to irrelevant, off-topic articles (if necessarily)
  • Leave warning messages on disruptive users'/I.P addresses' talk page (if necessarily)
  • Stay friendly to all fellow editors, not to the vandals
  • Ensure that the Planetfall wiki is what it should be, a user-made encyclopedia and not a playground for vandals

My contributions

Feel free to check out all of my all-time hard work that I have made to this wiki.

Contact info

Any questions, comments, suggestions, tips, concerns, discussions, debates, enquiries, etc., can be directed to my email or via my talk page.