AoW: Planetfall

Research in Age of Wonders: Planetfall is divided into two categories: Military research and Society research. Military research is divided into three subcategories: Faction technology, Weapons technology and Secret technology. Society research is divided into three subcategories: Doctrine technology, Economy technology and Operations technology.

Secret TechnologyEdit

At the start of the game each player selects one of the 7 secret technologies of the Star Union. These are fields of experimental or forbidden research that were hidden from the general population. Secret Technologies contain 3 additional units, in addition to mods and especially operations. Each Secret Technology has its own doomsday weapon, which reflects the ultimate goal of that technology. Doomsday Weapons are powerful, planetary scale weapons which the player can use to gain a huge advantage and eventually win outright.

Technology Weapon Groups Bonuses
  Celestian   Psionic
  • Sway enemy soldiers and colonists to your cause
  • Strong moral buffing and damage reflection
  • NPC diplomacy bonuses
  Heritor   Entropy
  • Drain the Essence of enemies and use it to fuel powerful abilities
  • Harness the power of Essence
  • Reincarnate ancient Es'Teq minds
  • Strong attacks against machines
  Promethean   Laser
  • Create weapons of mass destruction
  • Settle in inhospitable places
  • Shield units and colonists from Armageddon
  Psynumbra  Psionic
  • Summon ethereal beings
  • Shatter reality to terrorize the populace
  • Break enemies' minds
  Synthesis   Arc
  • Deploy AI daemons in battle
  • Hack and override enemy mechanical units
  • Bolster strategic operations
  • Integrate the populace into the network
  Voidtech   Explosive
  • Command highly mobile units that can teleport and pass through obstacles
  • Create temporal clones of units
  • Destabilize and decelerate enemies
  Xenoplague   Bio
  • Spawn and evolve special units after battle
  • Heal and enhance biological units
  • Deploy infectious bioweapons