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Faction Syndicate.pngThe Syndicate are a group of ruthless trading Houses from the Empire. With the Star Union gone, they see a universe of opportunity.

  • Starting Bonus: Start with 25 Interface Influence.pnginfluence
  • Long-Term Bonus: 1 Doctrine Slot
  • Damage Arc.pngArc Weapons Groups
  • Damage Psionic.pngPsi Weapons Groups
  • Indentured slave units morale penalties
  • Excellent stealth capabilities and covert operations


The Syndicate is a reformation of the trading enterprises that spearheaded the discovery and exploitation of the universe in the early days of the Star Union. The Houses controlled entire star clusters, commanded private armies, and monopolized trade of exotic resources, including Kir'Ko slaves. The Houses developed their own feudal societies and waged bloody wars among themselves.

After power became consolidated in the era of the Imperial Star Union, Territories held by the Houses had to submit the Union control, of face annihilation. Some submitted and were rewarded with hereditary positions, while others didn't and fled to the Outworlds. The Houses continued to practice their business in secret, until the Fall of Star Union created a new opportunity for the survivors. They formed a new collective, called the Syndicate ensuring they would never again lose their freedom to do business their way.