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Patch v1.003 (2019-08-07)

We've been keeping track of the reports coming in and have made a patch that will solve many of these issues. It contains the following fixes:

  • Fixed hangs and crashes occurring while the is starting up, i.e. before displaying the main menu.
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur for some users on the game loading screen.
  • Fixed a freeze that would occur for some users when loading a map.
  • Fixed an issue for players with remapped Documents folder that would prevent the game from saving data. E.g. settings, customized commanders, save games. Note that this includes a fix for language not being correctly set in-game when changing them through the Paradox Launcher.
  • In-game language selection drop down now fits all core languages without the need of scrolling. This means you no longer need to scroll down for the simplified chinese option, preventing players missing the option.
  • Fixed a crash in Leave-6 - the first Vanguard - campaign during the Syndicate quest line, when taking a specific story branch - i.e. following her quest line.
  • Fixed an issue where the player was unable to buy the dwelling through peaceful means.
  • Fixed an issue resulting in lesser quality tutorial maps due to random map generation.
  • Fixed an issue for GoG users that caused false positive when checking for build compatibility in multiplayer games. This triggered warnings asking players to update their build before they could continue their game, when this was not required.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on the “End Turn” event would not end the turn.
  • Fixed an issue where customization was not correctly applied in the Leave-6 - first vanguard - campaign map, after playing the tutorial. Note that this does mean that mods and experience gained in the tutorial map no longer carry over to the Leave-6 map. Jack(y) lost those in cryosleep, sorry.
  • "Hide password protected games" is now disabled by default in the multiplayer lobby.
  • Fixed an issue where the wrong custom commanders can be deleted, if custom commanders were ‘disabled’ due to disabling mods or DLC.

Patch v1.004 - Velociraptor (2019-08-09)

Patch v1.004, also known as Velociraptor, is available and ready to be updated on Steam, GoG and PDX.

We have decided to name our substantial updates after dinosaurs in honour of the Amazon beasts. We’ll try to reflect the update's focus in the choice of dino. This time around we decided to go for the Velociraptor due to its speed and size; which reflects this patch perfectly! It features a variety of fixes and quality of life improvements!


Significantly reduced waiting times between turns late game

  • Added edge scrolling; disabled by default (setting can be found in the Controls options)
  • Added a button to randomize the commander names in commander customization
  • Added an option to ‘Force Fast Combat Animation's in the Options > Combat UI menu.
  • Changing the language of the launcher now automatically updates the language setting for the game.
  • Fixed startup hang when the installation folder contains non-ansi characters; this affected some of our Chinese, Japanese and Russian players.
  • Other general stability improvements; including some of the most commonly reported crashes.
  • Various text fixes in multiple languages
  • Improved various Imperial Archives entries to provide additional and clearer information.
  • Fixed that Steam invites to a password protected lobby would fail and show an “incorrect password” message.
  • Renamed the invert combat camera rotation/zoom settings to X/Y axis. These 2 settings now support the mouse rotation in combat.


  • Fixed a problem that under rare circumstances the “Find the Propovus Lab” quest in the second Kir’Ko mission (Xa’Kir’Ko) could not be completed. Players that ran into the problem will need to re-enter the “Propovus” Xenoplague Labs sector with one of their armies to complete the quest.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could get stuck in looping story messages after meeting the Psi-Fish in the first Kir’Ko mission (Arcadia Caeleste).
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not complete a quest to ally Chin Til’Trz in the second Vanguard mission, if he already allied Chin Til’Trz before receiving the quest. Affected players need to wait for a new turn for the quest to complete.


  • Added icons to operations on the Research screen to clearly show whether they are tactical, strategic or doctrine operations.
  • Fixed an issue where the AI would sometimes offer peace and make war at the same time with players who are in the run for multiple victory conditions at the same time.
  • Removed a line of text from the message that appears when a call to war is declined; to make the message clearer.
  • Fixed a crash when the AI tried to denounce a player without having any Casus Belli to denounce with.
  • Fixed that locating a sector that is being demanded by an NPC faction would close the demand screen.
  • Fixed that the player could not declare war on an NPC faction while being in an Integrated (Highest) relation state with them.
  • Fixed that the Hasher SMG hero weapon was missing particles and sounds when being fired.
  • Sectors are no longer tradeable if they are annexed to a colony that is occupied.
  • Trade analysis text has been changed to the following format “Trade analysis: good deal for you” to help clarify that this analysis is targeted at the player and is not something the (AI) player on screen is saying.
  • Fixed crash in tactical combat when switching to nearby units while another unit is destroying an obstacle.
  • Now you no longer receive race relation penalties at the start of a Fixed Teams session due to starting wars, to prevent negative relations from the start. Note: This only applies to newly created scenarios.
  • Completing the last item in a city production queue now keeps the remaining production, rather than wasting it.

Disclaimer: Note that new text entries are English only at the moment; localization will follow shortly. This update is still in the works for PS4 and Xbox One.

Patch v1.005 - Velociraptor v2 (2019-08-15)

We're been going through the feedback, error reports, etc. Thank you all for reporting! And, please keep them coming. We want you to have fun with Planetfall, so let us know what gets between you and enjoying the game. We've just put our v1.005 patch live, which should resolve a bunch of the issue some of you have ran into. Hope you'll enjoy! After this we'll keep on fixing and bringing you patches to the game. There are some issues with the Workshop we're working on.


Updates to the v1.005 build.

  • Fixed a bug where hero item/exp were not carried over to the next campaign mission anymore.
  • Improvements to general stability of the game.
  • Improvements to crash reporting.

New Features:

  • Add an option to set the max number of autosaves stored on your machine. Can be set between 1-100, with the default remaining the same at 25 autosaves. You’ll need to restart the game for this change to be applied.


  • Fixed a crash on winning the game while transferring or absorbing a sector.
  • Fixed issue where the game would crash when a unit gets spawned - e.g. creating a unit with an operation - on a full unit army.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking “Continue” on the main menu would fail to load a campaign cloud save.
  • Fixed a bug where quest reward would be lost if the turn timer elapses before accepting the reward. The reward dialog will now appear again at the start of the new round.
  • Disabling doomsday victories will now remove the doomsday skill from the research tree, instead of it being unselectable for research. This to make clear that the doomsday operation can’t be used, before the player researched its prerequisites.
  • Fixed an issue where colony militia could be dragged into a three-way battle while being allied to both the attackers and defenders.
  • Fixed combat replay not playing for map locations where you lost vision.
  • Prevented AI from automatically declaring war when several armies trespassed in their domain.
  • Lowered the trespassing casus belli cap from 6 to 4.
  • Fixed bug where Advanced World settings 'None' not working correctly for 'Landmark (Low Value)' and 'Settlements'.
  • Picking red as your primary army color will now make your units move faster in combat ; )>
  • Fixed a bug where the Tier IV item One Eyed Hawk wasn’t able to shoot Commanders and Heroes.
  • Fixed issue where the research not set notification was not still showing when the player researched all items in the research tree.


  • The DVAR Foreman now speeds the healing of units in its stack on the world map.
  • Monitoring stations should now be much easier to spot on the world map.
  • The healing drone in the empire APC (the one you get from the support vehicle loadout) can now only be summoned once per battle.
  • Voidtech Hazard no longer affects Voidtech Modded Units.
  • Celestian T4: Compelling Presence - Now correctly converts mind controlled units into colonists.
  • Wraith Tank now needs to select an empty hex in order to use its Wraith Drive ability.
  • Made the penguin eyes glow more, to make them look more evil ; )>


  • Fixed an issue in campaign where the kill quest would no longer have valid units.
  • Fixed an issue in campaign where destroy spawner base quests would not have any defenders spawned.
  • Fixed crash in Campaign when certain hero items couldn’t be transferred from the previous map into the next.
  • Fixed an issue in the first Kir’Ko mission (Arcadia Caeleste) that sometimes kept the “Shadows of the Past” quest from completing. Players affected by the bug will need to go back to a save from before killing the quest stack with the mirror image for the fix to apply. Sorry!
  • Fixed an issue where the player would get stuck on the map when defeating L0G3N-1 on Khansu’s Pyre - i.e. the second Assembly mission - despite having won the mission. Players affected by the problem will need to go back to a save game from before before completing either the “Defeat L0G3N-1” or “Recover Neural Plexus” quest to resolve it.
  • Fixed an issue for Dvar02 where selecting the Kleptomaniac perk would not give your commander a mod as advertised. This mod, like the loadout from the perks, is now stored in your arsenal. While your current equipment will be the equipment you had in Dvar01.
  • Fixed a crash in Dvar02 that would occur during the opponent's first turn. After having previously defeated Mephilas the Redeemer in Dvar01.
  • Fixed crash in the final Campaign mission if a colony was destroyed that had a doomsday structure in one of its sectors.


  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to host/join multiplayer games when there were non-ansi - e.g. Asian, Cyrillic, the German ß - characters in your Windows username.
  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to continue multiplayer games when there were some - 1 in 20 characters - non-ansi - e.g. Asian, Cyrillic, the German ß - characters in the Multiplayer username, or planet description.
  • Multiplayer user names now default to Steam name or Paradox social name if available.
  • Open sessions in the lobby are now sorted above password protected sessions.


  • The text fixes we made in the previous patch in English have now been translated into the following languages: German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, Polish and Russian. Japanese translations will follow in a future patch.
  • Fixed an issue where the explanation for Vanguard Assault Vehicle was not visible in Japanese.
  • Added extra info to the Casus Belli tooltip seen in the Diplomacy screen when the player is under the effect of the “Futility of War” operation.
  • Renamed world threat levels to "Low, Moderate and Extreme", since the middle threat level reflects what we feel experienced players should use.
  • The Monitoring Station description now properly lists that it only lasts for 10 turns. Xenoplague Hero Skill 'Regenerative Spore Cloud' now shows the correct amount of regen, which should 15% (was shown as 20% before).


  • Added ‘Mark Deleted’ & ‘Undo Delete’ options on right click in Resource Editor.
  • When clicking 'Publish' a thumbnail.png is automatically created.
  • Fixed bug where the language would reset to English when having selected a language that originates from a mod.

Patch v1.006 - Ankylosaurus (2019-09-15)

Today we continue with our dinosaur-named patches with the graceful Ankylosaurus. Apart from the Multiplayer Kick system, signified by the typical dutch clog in its tail, we added some important community-requested features, like saving of the last used game settings and the selling of excess Food income! Additionally, there are some significant balance changes to city expansion and critical hit chance! Not to mention big quality of life improvements for interfaces and a massive list of fixes!

V1.006 - Ankylosaurus


The last used scenario settings are now saved. These are saved separately for singleplayer and multiplayer. World settings can now be saved into templates in Advanced Setup. Up to 3 templates per Scenario type. Implemented Kick feature; hosts of sessions can now kick other players through the Settings in the session overview. Added a prospect sector particle effect on sectors that can still be prospected, when you have a stack selected that have a Prospector unit. The “share all” food sharing option will now sell any excess food for energy if other colonies are not taking all of the shared food. This allows you to stop the city from growing and managing city happiness better.

Modding (Paradox Launcher V2 2019.09.01):

  • Fixed issue with Mods not updating
  • You can now add Mod Tags


  • Critical chance of an attack is now capped by the hit chance of the attack. I.e. an attack with 20% chance to hit cannot have a crit chance of over 20%. This to prevent stacking crit increases from becoming an exploit.
  • Stacking Damage Reflection from mods and abilities is now capped at 75% of damage reflected.
  • Ruthless Killer from the Martial Tradition perk now only returns 1AP when it procs, not 3AP.
  • Time Warp (Void Tech operation) and Dimensional Instability can now be removed using debuff cleansing abilities and operations.
  • Indentured Contracts now reduces the energy cost of Indentured units by 33% (was 50%)

Balance: Assembly:

We’re planning to do a large balance patch in the future, however the Assembly are currently so strong compared to the other races that we’re bringing forward some of the fixes to try and bring them back into line.

  • Assimilate now heals for 3hp per hit (was 6)
  • Assembly Void Walkers now do 9 damage per hit (was 8)
  • Assembly Scavenger - Shotgun now has 1 level of high impact (also affects the Vanguard Engineer)
  • Vorpal Sniper - Vorpal Shot now has a 15% critical bonus (was 20%)
  • Vorpal Sniper - Vorpal Shot now has damage 18 (was 20)
  • Assembly Electrocutioner - Arc Projector damage is now 11 (was 10)
  • Assembly Electrocutioner - Project Arc Blast is now range 7 (was 5)
  • Remote System Purge now affects 3 friendly cyborgs in a chain (was all friendly cyborgs)
  • Battlefield Autopsies now grants 3 research per unit tier after combat (was 5)

Balance: Colonizers:

We've changed colonizer cost, lowering the base cost and having an increasing cost for each additional colonizer you build. This change was made to address colony spam as discussed in the Planetfall community:

  1. An early game land grab rush shouldn't be the only valid strategy, and
  2. Having a large number of colonies resulted in too much micromanagement.

We will continue to investigate people's experiences with colony expansion.

  • Colonizers now have scaling costs. The first colonizer costs 50 energy, 20 cosmite and 100 production. For each colonizer you build the cost will increase by 100 energy and 10 cosmite.


  • Improved random commander selection when setting up a game to increase the variety of commanders encountered.
  • Turret defense structures now have unique icons for each race.
  • Reduced stutter in Tactical Combat when moving the camera around for high refresh rate monitors
  • Improved Tactical Combat camera zoom behavior, making the mousewheel and hotkey zoom faster (in particular with notably high- and low framerates)
  • Fixed issue where Paradox Cloud Saves would always update the last modified time causing PDX Cloud Saves to always appear first when launching the game.
  • When disabling cloud saves in steam, saves on the star map can now get saved as a PDX cloud save like the other save types.


  • Fixed an issue where commander/hero equipment and levels wouldn’t be transferred to the next mission if they had a vehicle equipped that is unavailable in the next mission.
  • Fixed issue in campaign where items could sometimes not be equipped properly on heroes/leaders that are taken from previous campaign maps.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the player to get stuck in a story message in the first Kir’Ko mission (Arcadia Caeleste) if he didn’t accept or decline the “Contact Nicole Crustus” quest and then cleared the Celestian Archives.
  • Fixed an issue in the first Kir’Ko mission (Arcadia Caeleste) that the player could not enter the Dreamer’s Archives when they were owned by one of the allied Celestian players. Affected players will need to end their turn from their save game to gain access to the landmark.
  • Campaign quests that get closed are automatically declined at the end of the turn if the player does not accept/decline the quest themselves.


  • Critical and fumble chance of an attack can be seen in the attack’s preview (hold ctrl), in the Extra Info section.
  • Level 5 industrial exploitation now correctly gives production instead of research.
  • Fixed issue where the current food income was not taking into account for food sharing.
  • Fixed issue where manually queueing the infinite energy/research production option for a colony would still cause “city production not set” to-do events.
  • Fixed crash that could occur when a victory condition was triggered upon defeating another player.
  • Fixed issue where the effect of doomsday weapons on Colonies would not refresh when a city was occupied or absorbed.
  • Fixed a bug where you could dismantle the exploitation given by a landmark.
  • Fixed a bug where your game could softlock when loading a combat save after you’ve patched the game.
  • Fixed issue where destroying a Monitoring Station wouldn't cancel it being listed in the active operation list
  • Fixed an issue that meant that Resurrect Hero could be used to break the max heroes in a game limit
  • Fixed issue where the Brood Cluster building was able to reduce a unit production cost to 1
  • Fixed a bug where racial research would unlock when you occupy a city of that race, rather than when you owned it.
  • Fixed issue where a player would gain the research of races belonging to the colonies they had occupied on loading a save game. This would also cause an Out of Sync in multiplayer.
  • Fixed issue where migrating an occupied colony would give the player the racial research belonging to the race of the colony prior to migration.
  • Fixed issue where you were able to migrate colonies to another race even if the player had only occupied other cities of that race instead of owning them.
  • Skirmisher Subroutines now correctly targets ground and air units (it was wrongly ground only before)
  • Fixed issue where casting an operation that spawns a unit on the domain of another player could trigger war if in doing so that unit would trespass.
  • Fixed Phoenix Defense Protocol not giving its operation defense bonus. The defense from the doctrine now protects against all operations, not just those that target your colonies.
  • Fixed a crash caused by razing a city while a doomsday victory is running
  • Fixed issue where Organized Cyber Divisions wasn’t giving it’s price reduction to certain Strategic Operations.
  • Fixed issue where the research not set event was still visible after the player completed all researches and the doomsday victory condition was disabled
  • Fixed issue where the colonist auto assignment would not keep in mind supply and happiness deficit when they were not set to ignored.
  • Dvar doctrine Cosmite Collection Program now works correctly.
  • Fixed issue where the player could prime Planetary Unification Protocol even if it was already active.
  • Fixed issue where the Planetary Unification Protocol operation wouldn't be cancelled if the unifier victory was blocked.

Gameplay: Units & Abilities:

  • Dvar trenches now correctly give a 25% accuracy bonus to the units stood within the trench.
  • Adaptive Network given through the Synthesis landmark can now stack up to a max of 5 Shields.
  • Fixed Nanite Boosters' buff not working when the unit was being flanked.
  • Fixed Phoenix Walker Vehicle not being able to use Dvar Melee mods.
  • Fixed Quantum Avatar not giving it's buff to voidtech modded units equipped with the Stasis Pocket Inducer mod.
  • Fixed Oblivious Refrain, which wasn't targeting air units, when it should.
  • Fixed arc retaliation defense being triggered by cerebral override.
  • Fixed breaching shot on the guild assassin affecting the snap shot ability.
  • Fixed that sleep could be applied to units with status effect immunity.
  • Pyrx bomb no longer hits units with thermal immunity.
  • Cleansing light’s description no longer states it can only target friendly units.
  • Fixed that when a Ravenous’ devour ability would be targeted on a flying unit above a ground unit, it would eat the ground unit (it did not matter what type of unit).
  • Mantra of clarity now correctly shows up in the unit panel as a buff.
  • The cerebral control collars ability is now correctly displayed in the unit panel.
  • Fixed a bug where Echoes of Despair spawned in the wild wouldn't have Thermal/Biochemical attacks when modded with a Focus: Flames/Venom
  • Fixed a bug where the Promethean Phoenix Walker would incorrectly enter it's defence mode after using Torrent of Flames
  • Fixed a bug where the Synthesis Avatar's Amplify Daemon ability wasn't correctly targeting certain units.
  • The description of the Dvar mod Reactive Kinetic Battery now correctly says that the mod can be used by Heavy units (used to be Mechanical Heavy)
  • Thumper (Secondary Hero Weapon) no longer deal double damage
  • Stopped the Voradon’s Devour ability from triggering as part of melee overwatch
  • Prevent the Alert Protocol operation from removing actions points on units that use a leave one point or full action (continue) ability.
  • Fixed bug where Mantra of the Branded wasn't allowed on psionic units
  • Wraith Tank no longer hits itself when it has the Advanced Dislocation Drive
  • Fixed Reassembly Modules mod not being addable to paragons and other non-assembly cyborgs
  • Fixed an issue where Xenoplague units were being targeted by Xenoplague Operations when they shouldn't and vice versa.
  • Fixed issue where triggering Disintegrate on a flying unit would cause Tactical Combat to get into a dead state.
  • Fixed issue where Echo Walker clones, and other temporary units, wouldn’t despawn if they were using Emergency Quantric Shielding mods.
  • Purifiers Plasma Bomb will now scatter if it misses
  • Kir'Ko Star Guide can now correctly equip Path of Flames and Path of Venom mods
  • Plasmoid and Phoenix Walker can now equip melee mods
  • Star Guide can now target Blinding Light anywhere (before it was restricted to having a unit in the middle of the aoe)
  • Fixed Zenith's Reinforcement Zone (now correctly targets allied Biological and Cyborg units)
  • Fixed Sequential Kill System and Ruthless Killer giving multiple action points back when killing multiple units with a single attack.
  • Fixed a bug where the Assembly Colony Defense Turret was being pushed when killed
  • Fixed the Psynumbra Hero Skill, Dark Elation so it affect both ground and air units now, rather than only one or the other.
  • Positron Converter now correctly targets both air and ground units
  • Project Agony Field now correctly damages ALL units in the field
  • Fixed broken animation on Dvar Echo Walkers melee strike.

Gameplay: Diplomacy & NPC factions:

  • Cosmite trade value within diplomacy has been increased from being worth 4 energy to 8 energy.
  • Fixed issue where the trespass button in the trespassing confirmation for using an operation to spawn a unit would not function if the player is a vassal to the domain owner.
  • Fixed issue where breaking a diplomatic treaty would not always cause a relation penalty.
  • Using influence to ask a faction to leave an occupied colony will now liberate the colony if you are not at war with the owner of that colony. As opposed to you becoming the new occupier of that colony.
  • Trading casus belli will now also instantly remove the grudge that player may have relative to the amount of casus belli points that were traded.
  • When war is declared on a player that is suffering from the effects of futility of war - which disables the use of casus belli - they will no longer get the negative “war without casus belli” popular support effect.
  • NPC faction accept- and decline demand buttons now show the amount of favor gained with the NPC faction in their tooltips. The tooltip will now also indicate that war will be declared if the demand is declined, if that is the case.
  • Fixed issue where treaties which could not be paid for would instantly end any involved diplomatic treaties that were made within the same trade deal but do not have a fixed duration.
  • Fixed issue where the player could spend all its resources before handling a demand and still be able to select the give resources to faction option.
  • Fixed issue where Sway Ideology would reduce the diplomatic state of a faction relation to much
  • Fixed issue where the offer/demand vassalage options would still be available when an alliance offer was already added to the trade.
  • Added a new event and panel to indicate when a resource treaty could not be exchanged because one of the players couldn’t afford paying the resources.
  • Fixed crash when an NPC faction, that no longer had a dwelling, gave the player a quest.
  • Fixed issue where converting a base into a forward base or a colony could trigger a sector claim violation.
  • Fixed an issue where capturing an enemy city that was producing something would efud the energy and cosmite cost to you, instead of the city’s original owner
  • Fixed issue where the covert operation Casus belli would be given to the player when the covert op was detected, even if the caster was anonymous.
  • Fixed issue where the locate sector button of a faction demand was no longer functional


  • Diplomacy trading tweaks to make the AI less agreeable to trades that are very imbalanced to them.
  • Trading AI balance changes to make the AI less agreeable to giving away items/resources away for free in negotiations, particularly Casus Belli and Treaties.
  • Fixed issue where AI players would sometimes change which NPC faction(s) they want to ally with and which ones to go to war with.
  • AI players may now attack trespassing units from players they are not at war with but have 3 or more trespassing casus belli on.
  • AI players no longer comment on events (such as improving your relation with a NPC faction) while at war with the player.
  • AI players no longer denounce the player while at war.
  • AI players will no longer buy-off casus belli from players they dislike. I.e. relation value at -200 or less.
  • Fixed issue where the AI would sometimes not move onto structures/nodes they had previously bought from a NPC faction.
  • Fixed some issues where some units would not move at all when threatened with a lot of overwatch
  • The AI will now be less likely to make units run away during combat
  • The AI will now immediately make colonizers run away if they enter combat
  • The AI is now much more likely to use Phase Echo abilities on Echo Walkers
  • Fixed an AI hang which could occur when an AI player/independent stack is attacking an undefended structure that has a stack next to it belonging to an ally of the structure owner.
  • The AI now no longer interacts with Settlements during the first 8 turns of the game to ensure the player has enough time to be the first to obtain a second colony.
  • Fixed AI hang caused by trying to attack a settlement that had come under their control during the same turn.
  • Fixed AI hangs during their turn causing you to be stuck with “opponent is moving”.


  • The turn timer now no longer ticks down when you are unable to perform actions, for instance when auto combat is running.
  • Prevent free production pickup event from being lost when the turn is ended by the turn timer.


  • The selected stack will now be remembered when zooming out to the orbital map and reselected when you zoom back in.
  • Increased the size of scrollbars so they are more noticeable.
  • Added cosmite and influence generation to the colony interfaces.
  • Leader Colony Supplements and Vices are now visible in the Imperial Archives under Hero Skills, the relative filters will now also properly filter these items.
  • Pressing Esc now properly closes most of the menu screens.
  • Fixed an issue where the scroll position in city production was not remembered.
  • Tooltips have been added to the dismantle sector exploitation/upgrade options in the colony interface. Additionally, the amount of turns dismantling will take is now also displayed.
  • Fixed the cost of unit mods being hidden in the unit interface if the player didn’t have enough energy or cosmite to buy them.
  • Fixed bug where sometimes images would be incorrectly offset or scaled.
  • Fixed bug where hyperlinks in interfaces related to NPC factions could not be clicked.
  • Fixed bug where the UI could not be interacted with when meeting an NPC faction while the turn timer runs out in hotseat.
  • Fixed bug where success and detection chances would not be shown while using a controller when casting a covert operation.
  • Fixed overflow issue when 20 or more colonist slots were on 1 type of resource.
  • Fixed an issue where 50% scroll speed was not selectable
  • Fixed an issue where disabled checkboxes in lists would enable
  • Fixed miss aligned text icons in headers above lists
  • Fixed an issue where quickly switching selection in lists with controller would select multiple rows.
  • Renamed the scavanger shotgun to scavenger shotgun to fix the typo.
  • Trade screen now correctly identifies who has sent/is sending the trade and changes the “You offer”/”They demand” & “You demand”/”They offer” correctly.
  • Hazard removal now shows how many turns are remaining until the hazard is removed from the sector.
  • Fixed typo and formatting in Falsify Atrocities casus belli.
  • Fixed an issue where switching input mode while in controls menu leads to dead states.
  • Fixed issue where the Happiness Event threshold in the colonist tab for colonies was sometimes displaying the incorrect threshold depending on the happiness income and accumulated happiness.
  • Fixed issue in the quest overview panel where the description of some campaign quests would only be partially displayed.
  • Selecting Previous/Next city from the city screen now no longer selects cities you don’t own, preventing it from switching to a different interface without these buttons.
  • When a covert operation is detected as well as when purging the Casus Belli gained for someone using covert ops is now visible in the Operation results as well on the internal purge screen (to the purging player).