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Tasks are objectives that grant an immediate reward to the first commander to reach them.

Task Objectives Reward Requirements
The Emissary
  • Do 2 quests for an NPC faction
  • Achieve Peace with an NPC faction
25 Interface Influence.png Influence None
The Diplomat Contact with another commander
The Negotiator Completed The Emissary
The Patron Completed The Negotiator
The Unifier Completed The Diplomat


Victory is the ultimate goal of any game and can be achieved in multiples ways. A game can be continued after a player achieves victory.

Domination victory

Domination victory is achieved when a commander owns a randomized number of sectors and holds onto them for a 10 turns.

Doomsday victory

Doomsday is the technological victory of the game. The type of doomsday is determined by a commander's secret tech and despite their name they're not all weapons of mass destruction. All doomsday weapons trigger over the same number of stages, allowing other commanders to recognize and counter the process.

Doomsday victory requires researching the initiation phase, building three doomsday structures and then launching the doomsday finisher operation which requires 10 turns to prime. If a commander captures a doomsday structure the timer is paused and if it successfully razes the structure the timer is reset and the operation will have to be launched again once a third doomsday structure is constructed again.

Completing the first doomsday structure also enables doomsday operations.

Unifier victory

The unifier victory is achieved when a commander successfully takes control of the planet by means of its dormant planet CORE (Conscientious Omnipresent Regency Engine) AI, an autonomous sub-system of the shattered Star Union. In order to appease the planet CORE AI to appoint a commander as planetary ruler, that commander needs to launch the Planetary Unification Protocol operation, which requires late-game research to unlock and costs a large amount of Interface Influence.png Influence. The operation can only be launched when the commander has Reputation good really.png Virtuous reputation and the commander or their allies have annexed 3 NPC factions dwellings.

Launching the Planetary Unification Protocol operation starts a probation period. The probation period has base duration of the probation period is 30 turns, modifier by the following:

  • Each owned dwelling adds -2 turns
  • Each allied commander adds -2 turns
  • Each allied faction adds -2 turns
  • Each allied commander with the Planetary Unification Protocol operation active adds -4 turns
  • Each commander at war with adds +4 turns
  • Each faction at war with adds +4 turns
  • Each non-allied commander with the Planetary Unification Protocol operation active adds +4 turns

After the operation is launched losing a reputation level will increase the probation period by +2 turns and if the reputation becomes Reputation bad little.png Untrustworthy the operation is canceled. Once there are 5 turns left the probation period can no longer be shortened by obtaining new dwellings and allies.