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The Celestians are an ancient order of Psionically-gifted individuals that strive to achieve inner enlightenment and create balance and harmony in the universe. They believe Psionic power comes form the Stars, and use this power to protect their ideals and teachings.

  • Starting Unit: Light Bringer
  • Sway enemy soldiers and colonists to your cause
  • NPC diplomacy bonuses
  • Strong Morale buffing and damage reflection
  • Uses the Psionic and Thermal damage channels


The Celestian order was founded a long time ago when Psionic abilities first started to awaken in the human race. They believed this was a new stage in evolution, and advocated a path of inner peace and enlightenment.


The Celestian background gives access to unique celestian units.


A Commander can have the Celestian background which gives it access to Celestian skills.


Celestian technology give access to unique celestian Operations when researched.


The Celestian background gives access to unique Celestian technology.

Weapons and mods