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On difficulties higher than easy, the AI gets a flat bonus to resources (except production and happiness) in each city, then applies a multiplier to the city's total output. Influence and cosmite gains may be global rather than per city. We need more information about how this works from Triumph or Paradox.

Difficulty Interface Production.png Interface Food.pngInterface Energy.png Interface Knowledge.pngInterface Influence.pngInterface Cosmite.png Extra Units Technology Cities v. Player*
Very Easy +0, x1 +0, x1 +0, x1 None Aquatic Deployment +1
Easy +0, x1 +0, x1 +0, x1 None Aquatic Deployment +2
Normal +0, x1.165 +10, x1.33 +5, x1.33 None Aquatic Deployment +3
Hard +0, x1.33 +20, x1.66 +10, x1.66 +1 Aquatic Deployment No Limit
Very Hard +0, x1.5 +40, x2 +20, x2 +2 Aquatic Deployment No Limit

*Below hard difficulty, the AI will not build new cities beyond a certain number in excess of how many the player owns.