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This template can be used for embedding icons in the Imperator: Rome wiki, thus making them more colorful, easy to read and standardized. The available icons link to the concept they represent.


The first parameter is the identifier for the icon. It has no default value and is always required.
The second parameter is the width of the icon. It is optional. The default value is normally 28px, for advisor icons 77px, for attitude icons and rebel icons 24px and for building icons 48px.


{{icon|identifier}} or {{icon|identifier|width}}

Insert the relevant identifier in the above syntax. The available identifier can be found in the table below.

{{icon|turn}} will generate Turn.

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List of available icons


planetfall Age of Wonders: Planetfall
yes Yes
no No
unknown Unknown
defensive pact DiplomaticState DefensiveAlliance.png
doctrine slot Interface Doctrine Slots.png
happiness Happiness.png
rep bad Bad reputation
rep good Good reputation
rep neutral Neutral reputation
skill point Skill Point.png
critical, critical hit Effect critical.png
fumble Effect fumble.png
stagger Stagger.png
rst stag Stagger resistance
weak stag Stagger weakness
Faction and Secret technology
fac amazon Amazon faction
fac assembly Assembly faction
fac dvar Dvar faction
fac kirko Kir'ko faction
fac syndicate Syndicate faction
fac vanguard Vanguard faction
sectech celestian Celestian secret technology
sectech heritor Heritor secret technology
sectech promethean Promethean secret technology
sectech psynumbra Psynumbra secret technology
sectech synthesis Synthesis secret technology
sectech voidtech Voidtech secret technology
sectech xenoplague Xenoplague secret technology
cosmite Interface Cosmite.png
energy Interface Energy.png
food Interface Food.png
influence Interface Influence.png
knowledge Interface Knowledge.png
production Interface Production.png
strategic ops Interface Strategic Ops.png
tactical ops Interface Tactical Ops.png
time, turn Turn
Damage channels
dmg arc Damage Arc.png
dmg bio Damage Bio.png
dmg kinetic Damage Kinetic.png
dmg psy Damage Psionic.png
dmg thermal Damage Thermal.png
rst arc Arc resistance
rst bio Biochemical resistance
rst kinetic Kinetic resistance
rst psy Psionic resistance
rst thermal Thermal resistance
weak arc Arc weakness
weak bio Biochemical weakness
weak kinetic Kinetic weakness
weak psy Psionic weakness
weak thermal Thermal weakness
str arc Strength arc.png
str bio Strength bio.png
str kinetic Strength kinetic.png
str psy Strength psy.png
str thermal Strength thermal.png
accuracy Attribute Accuracy.png
armor Attribute Armor.png
hp, hit points Attribute HP.png
moral Happiness.png
move Movement General.png
move amphi Amphibious movement
move float Floating movement
move fly Flying movement
move land Land movement
move water Water movement
range Attribute Range.png
shields Attribute Shields.png
op defense Operation defense
op detection Operation detection
op strength Operation strength
op success Operation Success