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=== Celestian ===
{| class="mildtable sortable" width="100%"! width="1%" class="unsortable" |! width="15%" | Skill! width="1%" | {{icon|skill point}}! width="13%" | Requirements! width="70%" class="unsortable" | Effects|- id="Aura of Guidance"| [[File#lst:HeroSkill Celestian AuraOfGuidance.png|50px]]| Aura of Guidance| 4| Level 4celestian| Every unit in the hero's army has {{green|10%skills}} increased accuracy.* Only functions when the hero is the army's commander|- id="Compelling Presence"| [[File:HeroSkill Celestian CompellingPresence.png|50px]]| Compelling Presence| 5| Level 8| Active Ability: Full action [[File:AP FullAction.png|24px]]<br/>100%{{icon|accuracy}} 3{{icon|range}}<br/>Target enemy unit has an 8{{icon|str psy}} strength chance to be {{red|Mind Controlled}}, increasing to a 12{{icon|str psy}} strength chance if the target is affected by {{red|Soulburn}}. If they survive until the end of combat, they are turned into a colonist. If this fails, the unit takes 22{{icon|dmg psy}} damage.* Cooldown: 4{{icon|turn}}|- id="Deny the Wicked"| [[File:HeroSkill Celestian DenyTheWicked.png|50px]]| Deny the Wicked| 4| Level 6| Every unit in the hero's army has 2 damage reduction in all channels against attacks from units with {{red|Soulburn}}.* Only functions when the hero is the army's commander|- id="Revealing Soul"| [[File:HeroSkill Celestian RevealingSoul.png|50px]]| Revealing Soul| 4|| Hero gains {{blue|Enlightened}}, and all units that attack the hero have a strength 8{{icon|str psy}} chance of being afflicted with {{red|Soulburn}}.|}
=== Promethean ===

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