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Updated Vanguard hero skills
|- id="Martial Inspiration"
| [[File:HeroSkill Vanguard MartialInspiration.png|50px]] || Martial Inspiration
| Heroic presence inspires all of your forces. All units in the hero's army gain {{green|+200}}{MartialMorale{icon|moral}}.[br/]* Only functions when the hero is the army's commander.* This unit is inspired and receives +{MartialMorale}.|Level 6| AAA4
|- id="Battle Plan"
| [[File:HeroSkill Vanguard BattlePlan.png|50px]] || Battle Plan
| A well-conceived battle plan grants all friendly units {{green|+{BattleAccuracy10%}} accuracy and {{green|+{BattleDamage10%}} damage for 2{BattleTurns}* '''Battle Plan''' - This unit has +{BattleAccuracyicon|turn} accuracy and +{BattleDamage} damage.|Level 8| AAA4
|- id="Rallying Cry"
| [[File:HeroSkill Vanguard RallyingCry.png|50px]] || Rallying Cry
| The hero rallies their allies. All friendly units ignore morale penalties for 2{RallyingTurns{icon|turn}}[turn/].* This unit is immune to morale penalties.|None| AAA3
|- id="Coordinated Strike"
| [[File:HeroSkill Vanguard CoordinatedStrike.png|50px]] || Coordinated Strike
| Mark an enemy unit for your forces to focus on. The target is {CoordinatedAccuracy{green|40%}} easier to hit until the end of the turn.|Level 4| AAA2
|- id="Field Medicine"
| [[File:HeroSkill Vanguard FieldMedicine.png|50px]] || Field Medicine
| Expert field medicine heals all friendly units in the army for {FieldHealAmount{green|+6}}{{icon|hp}} each turn out of combat.[br/]* Only functions when the hero is the army's commander.* Unit heals for {FieldHealAmount} each turn out of combat.|None| AAA4
|- id="Iron Discipline"
| [[File:HeroSkill Vanguard IronDiscipline.png|50px]] || Iron Discipline
| Strong discipline gives the hero {{green|+3}}{IronPsionicResistance{icon|rst psy}} resistance and makes them immune to [DefensePsyche/] {{icon|rst psy}} status and hazard effects.|Level 4| AAA2
|- id="Dig In"
| [[File:HeroSkill Vanguard DigIn.png|50px]] || Dig In
| The hero is an an expert in taking cover and gains {{green|+{DigResistance2}} resistance to all damage while in cover.|None| AAA2

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