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Updated Synthesis hero skills
|- id="Disrupting Hack"
| [[File:HeroSkill AI DisruptingHack.png|50px]] || Disrupting Hack
| Send a disrupting wave to hack an area, [abilityred]<span style="color:red;">'''Compromising['''</abilityred] span> Mechanical and Cyborg units in that area.* '''Compromised''' -- Units hit by this ability are Compromised.|None| AAA2
|- id="Override Daemon"
| [[File:HeroSkill AI OverrideDaemon.png|50px]] || Override Daemon
| AAATarget enemy Mechanical or Cyborg unit is forcibly infected with a hostile Daemon that attempts to wrest control of the unit. They have a strength 8 {{icon|str arc}} chance to become <span style="color:red;">'''Mind Controlled'''</span> and switch allegiance until end of combat. On failure, the unit is <span style="color:red;>'''Disabled'''</span> instead.|Level 4| AAA6
|- id="Assisted Breach"
| [[File:HeroSkill AI AssistedBreach.png|50px]] || Assisted Breach
| Attacks by units in this hero's army bypass 1{AssistBreach{icon|shields}} and 1{{icon|armor}}.[br/]* Only functions when the hero is the army's commander.* Through assisted defense breaching from this army's Hero, bypass {AssistBreachShield} Shields and {AssistBreachArmor} Armor.|Level 6| AAA5
|- id="Compromise Exploitation"
| [[File:HeroSkill AI CompromiseExploitation.png|50px]] || Compromise Exploitation
| Units in this hero's stack have a strength 8{ComExp{icon|str arc}}[strengthwave/] chance to apply [abilityred]<span style="color:red;">'''Electrified['''</abilityred] span> when attacking Compromised units.[br/]* Only functions when the hero is the army's commander.* Unit has a strength {ComExp}[strengthwave/] chance to apply [abilityred]Electrified[/abilityred] when attacking Compromised units.* Strength {ComExp}[strengthwave/] chance to apply [abilityred]Electrified[/abilityred] to Compromised units for {ComExpDuration}.|Level 8| AAA4

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