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{{MainTemplate | news_title = Latest news| news_content =<div style="float:left; margin-right: 10px;">; Game history* '''2020-05-26''' - [[forum:1378882|Invasions]] released* '''2019-11-19''' - [[Revelations]] released* '''2019-08-06''' - [[AoW Planetfall|AoW: Planetfall]] released ; Video diaries* '''2020-05-26''' - [ Invasions - Release trailer]* '''2020-02-18''' - [ Planetfall - Tyrannosaurus update]* '''2019-10-19''' - [ Revelations - Release trailer]</div><div style="float:left; margin-right: 130px; color: white;">_</div><div style="float:left; margin-right: 10px;">; Developer diaries* '''2020-05-26''' - [[forum:1393633|Dev diary #19 - Invasions Expansion & Diplodocus Overview]]* '''2020-05-20''' - [[forum:1392190|Dev diary #18 - AI Personalities & Diplomacy Improvements]]* '''2020-05-13''' - [[forum:1389687|Dev diary #17 - World Events]]* '''2020-05-06''' - [[forum:1388439|Dev diary #16 - Conquered Worlds]]* '''2020-04-30''' - [[forum:1387224|Dev diary #REDIRECT 15 - The Therians]]* '''2020-04-23''' - [[forum:1365196|Dev diary #14 - The plot thickens II]]* '''2020-03-04''' - [[forum:1347243|Dev diary #13 - The plot thickens I]]* '''2020-02-25''' - [[forum:1341346|Dev diary #12 - Exploits!]]</div> | welcome = [[File:Planetfall wiki logo.png|link=|<span title="AoW: Planetfall Wiki"></span>]]| blurb = The [[AoW Planetfall|AoW: Planetfall]] encyclopedia that you can edit. | about_title = About this site| about_content = '''''[[AoW Planetfall|AoW: Planetfall]]''''' is a strategy game developed by [[Triumph Studios]] and published by Paradox Interactive. This AoW: Planetfall wiki is intended as a repository of AoW: Planetfall related knowledge, useful for both new and experienced players. | featured_title = Want to help improve the wiki?| featured_content = Anyone can contribute to the wiki. If you want to become a contributor please register (though you can also edit anonymously), and check out the '''[[Project:Work needed|work needed page]]'''. If you spot anything in need of improvement, don't hesitate to make an edit. If you plan on making any major changes it is recommended you read the [[File:event_trigger.png|21px|link=]]'''[[Project:Style|style guidelines]]''' first. | image_title = _| image_content = [[File:Planetfall packshot.png|right|350px|link=AoW Planetfall]] | DLC_title = Expansion content| DLC_content = <div style="text-align: center;">{{box wrapper}}<div style="width: 86px;">[[File:AoW Planetfall.png|50px|link=AoW Planetfall|Age of Wonders: Planetfall]]<br>[[AoW Planetfall|AoW: Planetfall]]</div><div style="width: 86px;">[[File:AoW Planetfall.png|50px|link=Revelations]]<br>[[Revelations]]</div><div style="width: 86px;">[[File:AoW Planetfall.png|50px|link=Invasions]]<br>[[Invasions]]</div>{{end box wrapper}}</div> | sections_title = Important pages| sections_content =<div id="list">[[File:AoW Planetfall .png|32px|link=]] [[Beginner's guide]] [[File:Unknown.png|28px|link=]] [[User interface]] [[File:Unknown.png|28px|link=]] [[Mechanics]] [[File:Ability CleansingLight.png|28px|link=]] [[Cheats]] [[File:Monument Grey TML.png|28px|link=]] [[The Star Union|Lore]] <h2 style="margin-top:0.3em"> Realm </h2>[[File:Goverment Text Icon.png|28px|link=]] [[Colonies]] [[File:Interface Cosmite.png|28px|link=]] [[Resources]] [[File:Interface Knowledge.png|28px|link=]] [[Technology]] [[File:Movement Mountaineering.png|28px|link=]] [[Map]] [[File:Faction Vanguard.png|28px|link=]] [[Factions]] [[File:Faction Kirko.png|28px|link=]] [[NPC factions]] [[File:Interface Strategic Ops.png|28px|link=]] [[Operations]] [[File:Icons QuestIcon.png|28px|link=]] [[Objectives]] [[File:Unitcategory Leader.png|28px|link=]] [[Commander]] [[File:UnitCategory Regeneration.png|28px|link=]] [[Perks]] [[File:Skill Point.png|28px|link=]] [[Skills]]  [[File:HeroSkill Global CounterAttack.png|28px|link=]] [[Equipment]] <h2 style="margin-top:0.3em"> Warfare </h2>[[File:DiplomaticState Peace.png|28px|link=]] [[Diplomacy]] [[File:DiplomaticState War.png|28px|link=]] [[Warfare]] [[File:Interface HeroItem.png|28px|link=]] [[Units]]  <h2 style="margin-top:0.3em"> Meta </h2>[[File:Interface Production.png|28px|link=]] [[Modding]] [[File:BattlefieldRepairs Unitcategory Icons.png|28px|link=]] [[Example Mods]] [[File:Interface NPC Favor.png|24px|link=]] [[Patches]] [[File:Icon Text Shopping2.png|28px|link=]] [[Downloadable content]] [[File:Interface Doctrine Slots.png|28px|link=]] [[Developer diaries]] [[File:HQ Icon Text.png|28px|link=]] [[Achievements]] [[File:Icon text strategicmapability.png|28px|link=]] [[Communities]] [[File:Icon Text UnreadMessages.png|28px|link=]] [[Jargon]]</div> }} [[Category:Wiki]]

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