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=== Psynumbra ===
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|-! width="1%" class="unsortable" |
! width="15%" | Skill
! width="601%" class="unsortable" | EffectsSkill Points! width="2010%" | Requirements! width="140%" class="unsortable" | {{icon|skill point}}Effects
|- id="Anthem of the Abyss"
| [[File:HeroSkill Psynumbra AnthemOfTheAbyss.png|50px]] |Anthem of the Abyss | 4{{icon|skill point|24px}} | Level 8 | Anthem of the AbyssActive Ability: Full Action [[File:AP FullAction.png | 24px]] </br>100% {{icon|accuracy|24px}} Accuracy 0 {{icon| range|24px}} range. </br>All allies gain [abilityblue]Dark Elation[/abilityblue] for 2{{AnthemDurationicon|turn|24px}}, granting {{green|+400}} {{MoraleIncreaseicon|happiness|24px}} morale and {PsiResIncrease{green|4}}{{icon|rst psy|24px}} resistance. All enemy units gain {{red|Broken Mind}} for 2{{icon|turn|24px}} </br>* Can only be used once per battle.|- id="Devour Hope"| [[abilityredFile:HeroSkill Psynumbra DevourHope.png | 50px]]| Devour Hope | 3{{icon|skill point|24px}} | Level 4| Devour HopeActive Ability: Single Action [[File:AP SingleUse.png | 24px]] </br>100% {{icon|accuracy|24px}} Accuracy 5 {{icon|range|24px}} range. </br>Attempt to feed on the hope of target enemy unit, causing it to enter a state of despair. If this is successful, the caster heals for 20{{icon|hp|24px}}. </br>* {{green|Filled With Despair}} 8{{icon|str psy|24px}} strenght chance to apply {{red|Filled with Despair}} to non-Mindless for 3{{icon|turn|24px}}. If resisted, apply {{red|Broken Mind}} instead.* Cooldown: 1{{icon|turn|24px}}|- id="Sadism"| [[File:HeroSkill Psynumbra Sadism.png | 50px]] | Sadism | 2{{icon|skill point|24px}} | Level 6 | This unit deals an additional {{green|+25%}} damage against units with low morale.|- id="Sinister Chorus"| [[/abilityredFile:HeroSkill Psynumbra SinisterChorus.png | 50px]] for | Sinister Chorus | 4{{AnthemDebuffDurationicon|skill point|24px}}| | AAAA sinister chorus permeates the air around the unit. All non-Mindless enemy units adjacent to this unit receive {{red|Sinister Melody}}, reducing their damage resistance by {{red|2}} and their accuracy by {{red|20%}}.

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