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Tier 1 Upkeep 3 Interface Energy.png

Base cost 35 Interface Energy.png 150 Interface Production.png

40 Attribute HP.png 1 Attribute Armor.png 0 Attribute Shields.png 40 Movement General.png


Pustules have access to the following basic abilities





Yes, I'm just a lowly bug doctor. This Xenoplague discovery is no bug. Until witnessing the Alpha Strain's parasitic mutation from spore to organized creature, I would've said no other living creature had as much success spreading across worlds as insectoids. Now I see that even the Pustule exhibits a wicked determination to assimilate all life forms. It's too dangerous. You can't contain its spurts of infectious bile. Quarantine your world. It will spread. What you are unleashing upon the universe could end us all. God have mercy if someone weaponized it.

- Professor R. Lin'l "Bugman" Bunson, "RV-022S:Xenoplague Discovery Analysis"