Plague Lord

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Tier 3

Base Cost 105 Interface Energy.png 400 Interface Production.png 20 Interface Cosmite.png

65 Attribute HP.png 4 Attribute Armor.png 0 Attribute Shields.png 32 Movement General.png


Plague Lords have access to the following basic abilities






Specimen T-23, affectionately known in the Xenolab as Plague Lord, has an impressive array of deadly attacks. It launched a tree-sized spike into an armored tank with devastating effectiveness. The testers activating the target were infected with Xenoplague. Its savage strength enables it to launch lethal tentacle spikes at flying enemies with deadly accuracy. The Plague Lord's control over infected fallen allows it to animate expired enemies. With a simple inoculation of training serum and 32 million credits, you can unveil this terrifying new weapon in your next military engagement.

- Dr. Terrance Weiss, "RV-3488M: Xenoplague Weapons Mastery"