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Planetfall has a simple scripting system that enables to create custom game behavior inside a normal generated planet. The game also uses this for custom behavior to add flavor at certain events, or in campaigns.

The scripting follows the “Event condition action model” ( In short this means upon certain game events, if certain conditions are met, it’s possible to do certain actions. For example: When a new turn starts (event), and the new turn is turn 2 (condition), spawn a new unit at the position of the leader of the player whose turn started (action).

Creating a script:

  • As described in the modding basics, create a new mod and add a new resource pack file:
  • Make sure your new resource pack file is added in the package manager in the following menu: Content > Resource Packs
  • Edit your new resource pack with the Resource Editor: Add a new Settings category
  • Create a new resource of the type ‘Trigger (Script)’
  • Set the Type to ‘Automatic’, then click the small orange box in the ‘Trigger Script’ field
  • In the Trigger Editor Create a new Event (Right click > New), then choose ‘Time - Turn Started’, then click ‘Ok’
  • Now create a new Condition (Right click > New), then choose ‘Type - Integer Comparison’
  • Then click the first number (0) and change it to ‘Integer Current Round’, click ‘Ok’
  • Then click the second number (0) and leave it to ‘Integer - Preset’, but change the 0 to 2.
  • Now create a new Action (Right click > New), then choose ‘Unit - Create (Unit Resource)’
  • Click ‘Side with Alias []’ and change it to ‘Core - Player’, then click ‘Player 1’ and change it to ‘Event Response - Triggering’. This will make sure we are talking about the player who triggered the event, in this case the player whose turn started. Click ‘Ok’.
  • Click ‘Empty Position’ and change it to ‘Hex Pos - Unit Position’, then change ‘Unit with Alias []’ to ‘Core -Leader’, and change ‘Player 1’ to ‘Event Response - Triggering’.
  • At this point what you have should look like the following image:

Trigger Editor.jpg

  • Notice that we did not yet specify which unit should spawn. This is the [NULL] field. If you click that, then notice that there are no units to select from. Let’s fix this:
  • Click the top menu ‘Content’ > ‘Resource Packs’ > ‘Add’ > Navigate to the steam install folder and select ‘Units_SpeciesPenguins.rpk’ (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age of Wonders Planetfall\Content\Title\Packs\Species_Penguins\Units_SpeciesPenguins.rpk)
  • Back to the script, click the [NULL] field and select Penguin.
  • Don’t forget to save the pack! ‘File’ > ‘Save’
  • Time for a test run! Make sure your mod is ‘Published’ (In Package Manager: ‘File’ > ‘Publish’, then enable the mod in the launcher. Now start the game, start any scenario, end your turn and you should have a Penguin! Yay~!

Modding scripting.jpg

Debugging Scripts:

  • If you follow all steps, then the script should work. However, it is very understandable that something can go wrong. So let’s enable debugging for scripts. Create a new file:
    • C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Age of Wonders Planetfall\Config\Game.cfg
  • Edit this file with notepad, and add paste the following in there:
  • Now try out the script again, but this time start the game Debug Mode. To do so: Scroll down in the Launcher and select the Launch button for ‘Open game in debug mode’
  • Check your Logs folder for a new file ‘GameTriggers####_####.txt’
    • C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Paradox Interactive\Age of Wonders Planetfall\Log\GameTriggers####_####.txt
  • This file has a lot of text, so you’ll have to use the search feature of your text browser. Search for the name you assigned to your script in Resource Editor.
  • The text there should be relatively straightforward to understand if there is an error with your script.