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Faction Kirko.png

Trough rapid evolution, the Kir'Ko seek to restore what was broken and will find retribution for the terrible fate that has befallen them.

  • Starting Bonus: 2 Emergent units.
  • Long-Term Bonus: -25% Unit Upkeep for Tier 1 & 2 units
  • Damage Bio.png Bio Weapons Group
  • Damage Psionic.png Psi Weapons Group
  • Rapid population growth and large armies
  • Biological units with good melee capability
  • Racial Abilities: UnitCategory Regeneration.pngSwarm Shield and faster UnitCategory SwarmShield.pngRegeneration


The Kir'Ko were the only reported sentient xeno lifeform discovered by the Star Union. The psionic abilities of this insectoid species were seen as a threat, which lead the Kir'Ko hive queens being lobotomized and their race enslaved. Broken free from their shackles, the Kir'Ko are ready to shape their own destiny.

Kir’Ko units[edit]

  • Unleashed - Flying scout unit.
  • Frenzied - These crafty insectoids use their sharp claws to tear apart enemies and can vomit corrosive acid toward those that get too close.
  • Hidden - Psionic sniper unit.
  • Transcendent - Psionic healer.
  • Barrager - Living artillery.
  • Engulfer - Flying skirmisher.
  • Tormented - Powerful psionic unit.
  • Ravenous - Giant insectoid assult unit.
  • Harbinger - Kir'Ko ultimate weapon.

Kir’Ko fleet

  • Torrent
  • Deep One

Kir’Ko stategic summon

  • Emergent

Kir’Ko tactical summon

  • Abyssian