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Heritor are scions of a theocratic dynasty known as the Es'Teq. Their ancient technology allows them to harness energy and prolong their lives. They seek to reincarnate billions of followers that lie entombed across the galaxy and reestablish their divine rule.
SecretTech Heritor.png
  • Starting Unit: Siphoner
  • Harness the power of essence
  • Drain the essence of enemies and use it to fuel powerful abilities.
  • Reincarnate ancient Es'Teq minds.
  • Strong attacks against machines.
  • Wield strong Damage Entropy.png weapons

Origin[edit | edit source]

The Es'Teq faith is centered around their god Artok, the Great Creator. They believe all life comes from his holy Essence, and it is their divine service to collect and guard his essence against the entropy of the universe. The technology and philosophy of the Heritor all stem from this ideology.

Commander Loadout[edit | edit source]

If the player has chosen assault equipment as one of their starting perks, then they will receive the following weapons at the beginning of the game:

Name Stats Tier Description
Siphoner Staff
  • 90% Attribute Accuracy.png 9 Damage Entropy.png 7 Attribute Range.png
  • AP Repeating.png
2 8 Strength arc.png chance to apply energy drain to targets for 3 turns. On success, the wielder gains an essence charge.
SecondaryWeapon Kinetic ImperialRevolver.png Imperial Revolver
  • 90% Attribute Accuracy.png 12 Damage Kinetic.png 6 Attribute Range.png
  • AP SingleUse.png

Hero Skills[edit | edit source]

A Commander or Hero can have the Heritor background which gives it access to Heritor skills.

Skill Skill Point.png Requirements Effects
50px Essence Harvest 2 Level 1 The hero gains the Harvest Essence defense mode, allowing them to regenerate 1 essence charge if they don't already have one.
50px Essence Seeker 3 Level 1 The hero gains 4 Strength arc.png chance to apply energy drain on all attacks. This does not stack with any other essence drain effect.
50px Essence Shields 3 Level 4 The hero gains 1 Attribute Shields.png for each essence charge they are carrying.
50px Deny the Void 6 Level 8 On death, the hero loses all essence charges and returns to life with 10 Attribute HP.png, plus an additional 10 Attribute HP.png for each essence charge lost. This can only occur once per battle

Units[edit | edit source]

Name Tier Type Damage Stats Cost Research Source
Drained I Core 12 Damage Entropy.png 35 Attribute HP.png 32 Movement General.png 1 Attribute Armor.png 0 Attribute Shields.png 40 Interface Energy.png 2 Interface Tactical Ops.png Gift of the Es'Teq Operation:
Condemn to Drained
Siphoner II Skirmisher 9 Damage Entropy.png 35 Attribute HP.png 32 Movement General.png 1 Attribute Armor.png 2 Attribute Shields.png 50 Interface Energy.png 230 Interface Production.png Siphoner Awakening Military Skirmisher Barracks
Quintessence Ark II Specialist 18 Damage Entropy.png 40 Attribute HP.png 32 Movement General.png 0 Attribute Armor.png 2 Attribute Shields.png 50 Interface Energy.png 230 Interface Production.png Quintessence Ark Awakening Specialist Training Center
High Lord III Elite 12 Damage Entropy.png 10 Damage Entropy.png 50 Attribute HP.png 32 Movement General.png 2 Attribute Armor.png 2 Attribute Shields.png 105 Interface Energy.png 400 Interface Production.png 20 Interface Cosmite.png High Lord Awakening Elite Military Facility

Technology[edit | edit source]

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites Interface Knowledge.png Unlocks
50px Gift of the Es'Teq 1 Tactical 100
  • Es'Teq Confiscator
  • Es'Teq Gauntlet
  • Condemn to Drained
50px Holy Presence 2 Strategic 25px Gift of the Es'Teq 150
  • Blessing of the Es'Teq
  • Uncover Ancient Secrets
50px Zealous Conviction 3 Tactical 25px Gift of the Es'Teq 300
  • Es'Teq Protector Incarnation
  • Rite of Revitilization
50px Siphoner Awakening 3 Forces 25px Gift of the Es'Teq 300
  • Unit: Siphoner
  • Equipment: Siphoner Staff
50px Wrath of the Ancients 3 Strategic 25px Holy Presence 300
  • Haunt Colony
  • Curse of the Es'Teq
50px Transmigration Rituals 4 Tactical 25px Zealous Conviction 520
  • Es'Teq Acolyte Incarnation
  • Empowered Drained
  • Rite of Reincarnation
50px Quintessence Ark Awakening 5 Forces 25px Siphoner Awakening 800
  • Unit: Quintessence Ark
  • Equipment: Link Shard
50px Prelude to Rapture 5 Strategic 25px Transmigration Rituals 800
  • Essence Spire
  • Mind Rebirth
50px Dissemination Rituals 6 Tactical 25px Transmigration Rituals 1200
  • Es'Teq Conduit
  • Rite of Dissemination
  • Bestow Essence
50px Sacred Providence 7 Tactical 25px Dissemination Rituals 1700
  • Empowered Ark
  • Convert Heretic
50px Forced conversion 8 Strategic 25px Prelude to Rapture 2200
  • Conversion Cult Infiltration
  • Ancestral Wrath
50px High Lord Awakening 8 Forces 25px Quintessence Ark Awakening 2200
  • Unit: High Lord
  • Vehicle: High Lord
50px Venerated Incarnation 9 Tactical 25px Sacred Providence 2750
  • Es'Teq Lord Incarnation
  • Ancestral Smite
50px Final Revelation 10 Strategic 25px Forced Conversion 3600
  • Final Rapture

Doctrine[edit | edit source]

Technology Tier Prerequisites Interface Knowledge.png Unlocks
50px Ancestral Creed 3 Tier I Doctrine Research 300
  • Inner Communion
  • Technoclast Crusade
  • Doctrine Development V
50px Sacred Resurgence 7 Tier V Doctrine or Economic Research 1700
  • Divine Legion
  • City of the Awakened

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Essence technology was harnessed by the ancient Es'Teq dynasty to drain the life force from their enemies whilst strengthening themselves. All units may gain essence charges, increasing their damage by 10% per charge. These charges can be used to activate Es'Teq mods and abilities. Races equipped with Es'Teq equipment or secret technology can increase the amount of essence charges a unit may hold. Essence based attacks use the Damage Entropy.png Damage Channel.