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Downloadable content (DLC) is content built by Triumph Studios as an extension or add-on to Age of Wonders: Planetfall.

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Base game editions[edit]

The base game is required for any and all DLC relating to the game.

Title and Quick description D

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Released on 2019-08-06.

Emerge from the cosmic dark age of a fallen galactic empire to build a new future for your people. Build your empire with one of six unique factions, ranging from the militant Vanguard to the dinosaur-riding Amazons and the cyborg-zombies of the Assembly. Progress through each faction’s missions using your wits, military strength and diplomacy, exploring planetary ruins and encountering other survivors as you unravel the history of a shattered civilization. Fight, build, negotiate and technologically advance your way to utopia in a deep single player campaign, on random skirmish maps, and against friends in multiplayer.

  • Tactical Turn-Based Sci-Fi Combat: Perfect your combat strategy in intense turn-based battles featuring a large cast of factions, customizable units, and destructible environments.
  • Discover a Rich Science-Fiction World: What secrets will unfold when you uncover the history of the fallen galactic empire? Discover the fate of the Star Union by exploring lush landscapes, wild wastelands and overgrown megacities. Encounter rival factions and discover hidden technologies long forgotten in abandoned places.
  • Planetary Empire Building: Steer the future of your colony with a mix of technological advances and social development. Will you create an environmental paradise or a perfect military order?
  • Multiple Paths to Victory: Achieve your end goals through conquest, diplomacy or doomsday technologies.
  • A Multitude of Game Modes: A deep single-player story campaign alongside random map generation makes for endless replayability. Try new play styles in skirmish mode, and play multiplayer your way - online, hotseat, and asynchronous!
Age of Wonders: Planetfall Premium Edition
Includes the base Age of Wonders: Planetfall Age of Wonders: Planetfall game and the following content packs:

Flavor packs[edit]

Flavor packs add new events, unit cosmetics and other content often specific to particular part of the game.

Title and Quick description D
Deluxe Edition Content Pack
Released on 2019-08-06.

Kit out your personal commander with a plethora of cosmetic items and explore the art that inspired the creation of Planetfall with the Digital Arbook and Original Soundtrack. Deluxe Edition Content Includes:

  • Infested Worlds Scenario Planet: Survive in a world overtaken by alien flora and fauna dominated by Kir’ko factions!
  • Bravado Bundle Cosmetic Pack: Nothing says “We’re here to rebuild society in our image” like a really boss bandana.
  • Spacerpunk Cosmetic Pack: Your style won’t conform to the rules of a fallen galactic society!
  • Original Soundtrack: Immerse yourself in the fantastical world of Planetfall with the games original soundtrack.
  • Digital Artbook: Experience the colorful and imaginative art that brought the world of Age of Wonders: Planetfall to life.
Season Pass
Released on 2019-08-06.

Build upon your existing empire with the Age of Wonders: Planetfall Season Pass. The Season Pass includes three upcoming expansions and an instant reward!

  • Expansion 1: New Secret Tech, New Campaign Missions, New Location Mechanics, And More!
  • Expansion 2: Content TBC.
  • Expansion 3: Content TBC.
  • Exclusive wallpapers and forum icons.