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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Triumph Studios to describe the game design in detail.

Base game[edit]

All developer diaries about AoW: Planetfall (base game).

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Welcome and Premise Premise and goals of Age of Wonders: Planetfall 2018-06-15
2 World Building Background and lore for Age of Wonders: Planetfall 2018-06-21
3 The World Map Sector System Information about the world map and the sector system 2018-06-28
4 Creator Engine 4.0 Creator engine and visual upgrade 2018-07-05
5 Tactical Combat Combat mechanics: accuracy, hit chance, overwatch and staggering 2018-07-12
6 Combat Units 1 Vanguard assault bike and Kir'Ko hidden 2018-07-19
7 Combat Units 2 Dvar Bulwark and Amazon Lancer 2018-07-26
8 The Global Resources Resources: energy, cosmite, influence, reputation, knowledge, tactical operation points, strategic ops, doctrine slots and global morale 2018-08-02
9 World Map Structures I: Exploration Phase Vision range and map structures 2018-08-09
10 The NPC Factions and PvE Diplomacy General NPC faction information and diplomacy 2018-08-16
11 Faction Customization How faction customization works 2018-08-23
12 Your Commander Commander customization 2018-08-30
13 Vanguard In-Depth Overview of the Vanguard Faction 2018-09-13
14 The Unit Module System Unit Module Customization 2018-09-20
15 Promethean Secret Tech and Doomsday Victory Promethean secret tech overview and Doomsday victory conditions 2018-09-27
16 Colony Development Part I Acquiring and growing colonies and outposts and exploiting sectors 2018-10-04
17 The Kir'ko Faction Unleashed Overview of the Kir'ko faction 2018-10-18
18 Colony Development Part II Colonist management 2018-10-31
19 Diplomacy Diplomacy and opinion with other factions 2018-11-08
20 Marauders Hostile unaffiliated monsters 2018-11-15
21 The Dvar Faction In-depth Overview of the Dvar faction 2018-11-29
22 Operations Part I - Strategic Ops Strategic Operations 2018-12-13
23 Operations Part II - Covert Ops, Doctrines, Prototypes Covert operations, tactical operations and doctrines 2018-12-20
24 The Autonom NPC Faction Autonom NPC faction overview 2019-01-10
25 The Unifier Victory Condition Unifier victory conditions 2019-01-17
26 Key Art and Logo Development Logo and key art 2019-01-24
27 Tactical Combat Maps Tactical combat map overview 2019-01-31
28 The Soundtrack by Michiel van den Bos Music 2019-02-21
29 Hero Development Hero customization and development 2019-02-28
30 Hero Weapons, Vehicles and Mods Legendary items and vehicles 2019-03-07
31 Landmarks Landmark overview 2019-03-14
32 Interface Versatility Interface 2019-03-21
33 The Psi-Fish NPC Faction Psi-Fish NPC faction overview 2019-03-28
34 Overview Map Lenses Military,economic and operations lenses 2019-04-04
35 Syndicate Faction Part I Overview of the Syndicate faction lore and conceptualization 2019-04-18
36 Syndicate Faction Part II - Gameplay Overview of the Syndicate faction gameplay style and units 2019-04-25
37 Planet Generation Part I Map and sector generation 2019-05-16
38 Planet Generation Part II - Map Setup Planet types, quick and advanced settings 2019-05-23
39 The Next Gen Campaign Campaign details and world generation 2019-06-06
40 The new Adaptive Multiplayer System Multiplayer overview 2019-06-27
41 The Assembly Faction - The Road to Harmony Overview of the Assembly faction 2019-07-04
42 The Spacers NPC Faction Spacers NPC faction overview 2019-07-11
43 The Paragon NPC Faction Paragon NPC faction overview 2019-07-18
44 The Growth NPC Faction Growth NPC faction overview 2019-07-25
45 Console & Controller UI Console gameplay overview 2019-08-01
46 The Launch and the upcoming VELOCIRAPTOR update Hard at work squashing last-minute velociraptors 2019-08-08
47 One week of Planetfall - VELOCIRAPTOR 2 update Busy processing feedback and drafting short and longer term plans for the game 2019-08-15
48 The Ankylosaurus Update One month later, Patch Note Highlights and we'll see you in Berlin 2019-09-05
49 Modding What can Modders achieve using the Creator Engine 2019-09-12
54 The Tyrannosaurus: Update Economy Detailing the Economy overhaul occurring with the Tyrannosaurus Patch 2020-02-17
55 Exploits! What are some of the silly things you could do and why we address them 2020-02-26
56 The plot thickens - Customizable Campaign Experiences I Discussing Player Freedom, Open Campaign structure and Player Choice in the Planetfall Campaigns 2020-03-04
57 The plot thickens - Customizable Campaign Experiences II Discussing Branching Narratives in the Campaign Missions 2020-03-25


All developer diaries about Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Revelations (Expansion) and the Stegosaurus Patch.

No. Title and Link Description Date
50 Orbital Relays Introducing the new Orbital Relay Feature 2019-10-10
51 Imperial Defense Improvements Improvements coming to the Imperial Defenses 2019-10-31
52 Heritor Secret Tech Details on the new Secret Tech 2019-11-07
53 Anomalous Sites Uncovering the history of the Star Union 2019-11-13


All developer diaries about Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Invasions (Expansion) and the Diplodocus Patch.

No. Title and Link Description Date
58 The Shakarn Faction Details on the new Race 2020-04-22
59 The Therians Introducing the new NPC Faction 2020-04-30
60 Conquered Worlds Information on the new Coop Planet Type 2020-05-06
61 World Events Introducing the new World Mechanics 2020-05-13
62 AI Personalities & Diplomacy Improvements Detailing improvements made to the Diplomacy system and introducing the new AI Personalities 2020-05-20
63 The Voidbringer Invasion Lifting the veil on the new Voidbringer Invasions 2020-06-03

Star Kings[edit]

All developer diaries about Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Star Kings (Expansion) and the Triceratops Patch.

No. Title and Link Description Date
64 Announcing DLC 3 for Age of Wonders Planetfall: Star Kings! Announcing the third DLC: Star Kings 2020-10-13
65 The Oathbound Faction Details on the new Race 2020-10-21
66 Grail Configurations and the Apostates Introducing the Grail Landmarks and the new Apostate Faction 2020-10-28
67 Your Galactic Empire Explaining the Galactic Empire, Planet Traits, Secondary Objectives, the Requisition System and Relics 2020-11-04
68 Residential Exploitations and Racial District Buildings Information on the free content in the Triceratops Patch 2020-11-10


Developer video diaries and developer's let's play sessions on the various expansions.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Announcement trailer Announcement trailer of Age of Wonders: Planetfall 2018-05-19
2 Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Q&A with Triumph Studios at PDXCON Q&A with the developers at PDXCON 2018 2018-05-28
3 Age of Wonders: Planetfall Interview - PDXCON 2018 Interview with the developers at PDXCON 2018 2018-05-30
4 First Look Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson, marketing producer and Lennart Sas, game director preview of the Vanguard race 2018-09-07
5 Developer Q&A Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson, marketing producer and Lennart Sas, game director answers Q&A 2018-09-11
6 Faction Spotlight: Vanguard Spotlight Trailer for the Vanguard faction 2018-09-12
7 Faction Spotlight:Kir'ko Spotlight Trailer for the Kir'ko faction 2018-10-11
8 Kir'ko Preview Preview of the Kir'ko race 2018-10-26
9 Gameplay Faction Spotlight: Dvar Spotlight Trailer for the Dvar faction 2018-11-22
10 Dvar Preview Preview of the Dvar race 2018-12-07
11 Gameplay Faction Spotlight: Amazon Spotlight Trailer for the Amazon faction 2019-02-06
12 Amazon Preview Preview of the Amazon race 2019-02-14
13 Planetfall Story and Pre-Order Trailer PEGI Story and preorder trailer 2019-02-19
14 Release Date Reveal Release date reveal stream 2019-02-20
15 Gameplay Faction Spotlight: The Syndicate Spotlight Trailer for the Syndicate faction 2019-04-11
16 Syndicate Preview Preview of the Syndicate race 2019-05-04
17 Age of Wonders: Planetfall E3 Trailer Trailer for E3 2019 2019-06-10
18 Gameplay Faction Spotlight: The Assembly Spotlight Trailer for the Assembly faction 2019-06-11
19 Assembly Preview Preview of the Assembly race 2019-06-19
Let's Plays
No. Title and Link Description Start date End date
1 Age of Wonders: Planetfall Gameplay JimJ4m and Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson showcasing single player campaigns 2019-05-25
2 Age of Wonders: Planetfall Console Gameplay (Xbox One) JimJ4m showcasing console gameplay on the Xbox One 2019-06-26