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Developer diaries are articles, sometimes accompanied by videos, published by Triumph Studios to describe the game design in detail.

Age of Wonders 4[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Age of Wonders 4 base game.

No. Title and Link Description Date
15 Victory Conditions ... 2023-04-27
14 Sieges ... 2023-04-20
13 Diplomacy ... 2023-04-14
12 Music ... 2023-04-06
One Month Till Launch! (April Fools!) ... 2023-04-01
11 The Art of Age of Wonders 4 ... 2023-03-30
10 Heroes: Warriors, Governors, Story Characters ... 2023-03-23
9 Ancient Wonders ... 2023-03-16
8 Cities and Expansion ... 2023-03-09
7 Exploration and Meeting the Neighbours ... 2023-03-02
6 Narrative events ... 2023-02-23
5 Faction creation ... 2023-02-16
4 Realms and the Pantheon ... 2023-02-09
3 Narrative: Story and Lore ... 2023-02-02
2 Affinities ... 2023-01-26
1 Game Vision ... 2023-01-19
0 Age of Wonders 4 is coming soon! ... 2023-01-19

Star Kings[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Star Kings expansion and patch 1.4 (aka Triceratops).

No. Title and Link Description Date
68 Residential Exploitations and Racial District Buildings Information on the free content in the Triceratops Patch 2020-11-10
67 Your Galactic Empire Explaining the Galactic Empire, Planet Traits, Secondary Objectives, the Requisition System and Relics 2020-11-04
66 Grail Configurations and the Apostates Introducing the Grail Landmarks and the new Apostate Faction 2020-10-28
65 The Oathbound Faction Details on the new Race 2020-10-21
64 Announcing DLC 3 for Age of Wonders Planetfall: Star Kings! Announcing the third DLC: Star Kings 2020-10-13

Invasions[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Invasions expansion and patch 1.3 (aka Diplodocus).

No. Title and Link Description Date
63 The Voidbringer Invasion Lifting the veil on the new Voidbringer Invasions 2020-06-03
62 AI Personalities & Diplomacy Improvements Detailing improvements made to the Diplomacy system and introducing the new AI Personalities 2020-05-20
61 World Events Introducing the new World Mechanics 2020-05-13
60 Conquered Worlds Information on the new Coop Planet Type 2020-05-06
59 The Therians Introducing the new NPC Faction 2020-04-30
58 The Shakarn Faction Details on the new Race 2020-04-22

Revelations[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Revelations expansion and patch 1.2 (aka Stegosaurus).

No. Title and Link Description Date
53 Anomalous Sites Uncovering the history of the Star Union 2019-11-13
52 Heritor Secret Tech Details on the new Secret Tech 2019-11-07
51 Imperial Defense Improvements Improvements coming to the Imperial Defenses 2019-10-31
50 Orbital Relays Introducing the new Orbital Relay Feature 2019-10-10

Base game[edit | edit source]

All developer diaries about the Age of Wonders: Planetfall base game.

No. Title and Link Description Date
57 The plot thickens - Customizable Campaign Experiences II Discussing Branching Narratives in the Campaign Missions 2020-03-25
56 The plot thickens - Customizable Campaign Experiences I Discussing Player Freedom, Open Campaign structure and Player Choice in the Planetfall Campaigns 2020-03-04
55 Exploits! What are some of the silly things you could do and why we address them 2020-02-26
54 The Tyrannosaurus: Update Economy Detailing the Economy overhaul occurring with the Tyrannosaurus Patch 2020-02-17
49 Modding What can Modders achieve using the Creator Engine 2019-09-12
48 The Ankylosaurus Update One month later, Patch Note Highlights and we'll see you in Berlin 2019-09-05
47 One week of Planetfall - VELOCIRAPTOR 2 update Busy processing feedback and drafting short and longer term plans for the game 2019-08-15
46 The Launch and the upcoming VELOCIRAPTOR update Hard at work squashing last-minute velociraptors 2019-08-08
45 Console & Controller UI Console gameplay overview 2019-08-01
44 The Growth NPC Faction Growth NPC faction overview 2019-07-25
43 The Paragon NPC Faction Paragon NPC faction overview 2019-07-18
42 The Spacers NPC Faction Spacers NPC faction overview 2019-07-11
41 The Assembly Faction - The Road to Harmony Overview of the Assembly faction 2019-07-04
40 The new Adaptive Multiplayer System Multiplayer overview 2019-06-27
39 The Next Gen Campaign Campaign details and world generation 2019-06-06
38 Planet Generation Part II - Map Setup Planet types, quick and advanced settings 2019-05-23
37 Planet Generation Part I Map and sector generation 2019-05-16
36 Syndicate Faction Part II - Gameplay Overview of the Syndicate faction gameplay style and units 2019-04-25
35 Syndicate Faction Part I Overview of the Syndicate faction lore and conceptualization 2019-04-18
34 Overview Map Lenses Military,economic and operations lenses 2019-04-04
33 The Psi-Fish NPC Faction Psi-Fish NPC faction overview 2019-03-28
32 Interface Versatility Interface 2019-03-21
31 Landmarks Landmark overview 2019-03-14
30 Hero Weapons, Vehicles and Mods Legendary items and vehicles 2019-03-07
29 Hero Development Hero customization and development 2019-02-28
28 The Soundtrack by Michiel van den Bos Music 2019-02-21
27 Tactical Combat Maps Tactical combat map overview 2019-01-31
26 Key Art and Logo Development Logo and key art 2019-01-24
25 The Unifier Victory Condition Unifier victory conditions 2019-01-17
24 The Autonom NPC Faction Autonom NPC faction overview 2019-01-10
23 Operations Part II - Covert Ops, Doctrines, Prototypes Covert operations, tactical operations and doctrines 2018-12-20
22 Operations Part I - Strategic Ops Strategic Operations 2018-12-13
21 The Dvar Faction In-depth Overview of the Dvar faction 2018-11-29
20 Marauders Hostile unaffiliated monsters 2018-11-15
19 Diplomacy Diplomacy and opinion with other factions 2018-11-08
18 Colony Development Part II Colonist management 2018-10-31
17 The Kir'ko Faction Unleashed Overview of the Kir'ko faction 2018-10-18
16 Colony Development Part I Acquiring and growing colonies and outposts and exploiting sectors 2018-10-04
15 Promethean Secret Tech and Doomsday Victory Promethean secret tech overview and Doomsday victory conditions 2018-09-27
14 The Unit Module System Unit Module Customization 2018-09-20
13 Vanguard In-Depth Overview of the Vanguard Faction 2018-09-13
12 Your Commander Commander customization 2018-08-30
11 Faction Customization How faction customization works 2018-08-23
10 The NPC Factions and PvE Diplomacy General NPC faction information and diplomacy 2018-08-16
9 World Map Structures I: Exploration Phase Vision range and map structures 2018-08-09
8 The Global Resources Resources: energy, cosmite, influence, reputation, knowledge, tactical operation points, strategic ops, doctrine slots and global morale 2018-08-02
7 Combat Units 2 Dvar Bulwark and Amazon Lancer 2018-07-26
6 Combat Units 1 Vanguard assault bike and Kir'Ko hidden 2018-07-19
5 Tactical Combat Combat mechanics: accuracy, hit chance, overwatch and staggering 2018-07-12
4 Creator Engine 4.0 Creator engine and visual upgrade 2018-07-05
3 The World Map Sector System Information about the world map and the sector system 2018-06-28
2 World Building Background and lore for Age of Wonders: Planetfall 2018-06-21
1 Welcome and Premise Premise and goals of Age of Wonders: Planetfall 2018-06-15

Videos[edit | edit source]

Developer video diaries and developer's let's play sessions on the various expansions.

No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Announcement trailer Announcement trailer of Age of Wonders: Planetfall 2018-05-19
2 Age of Wonders: Planetfall - Q&A with Triumph Studios at PDXCON Q&A with the developers at PDXCON 2018 2018-05-28
3 Age of Wonders: Planetfall Interview - PDXCON 2018 Interview with the developers at PDXCON 2018 2018-05-30
4 First Look Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson, marketing producer and Lennart Sas, game director preview of the Vanguard race 2018-09-07
5 Developer Q&A Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson, marketing producer and Lennart Sas, game director answers Q&A 2018-09-11
6 Faction Spotlight: Vanguard Spotlight Trailer for the Vanguard faction 2018-09-12
7 Faction Spotlight:Kir'ko Spotlight Trailer for the Kir'ko faction 2018-10-11
8 Kir'ko Preview Preview of the Kir'ko race 2018-10-26
9 Gameplay Faction Spotlight: Dvar Spotlight Trailer for the Dvar faction 2018-11-22
10 Dvar Preview Preview of the Dvar race 2018-12-07
11 Gameplay Faction Spotlight: Amazon Spotlight Trailer for the Amazon faction 2019-02-06
12 Amazon Preview Preview of the Amazon race 2019-02-14
13 Planetfall Story and Pre-Order Trailer PEGI Story and preorder trailer 2019-02-19
14 Release Date Reveal Release date reveal stream 2019-02-20
15 Gameplay Faction Spotlight: The Syndicate Spotlight Trailer for the Syndicate faction 2019-04-11
16 Syndicate Preview Preview of the Syndicate race 2019-05-04
17 Age of Wonders: Planetfall E3 Trailer Trailer for E3 2019 2019-06-10
18 Gameplay Faction Spotlight: The Assembly Spotlight Trailer for the Assembly faction 2019-06-11
19 Assembly Preview Preview of the Assembly race 2019-06-19
Let's Plays
No. Title and Link Description Date
1 Age of Wonders: Planetfall Gameplay JimJ4m and Anders "cKnoor" Carlsson showcasing single player campaigns 2019-05-25
2 Age of Wonders: Planetfall Console Gameplay (Xbox One) JimJ4m showcasing console gameplay on the Xbox One 2019-06-26