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Tier 2

Base cost 70 Interface Energy.png 250 Interface Production.png

45 Attribute HP.png 3 Attribute Armor.png 0 Attribute Shields.png 40 Movement General.png


Destroyers have access to the following basic abilities





Eureka! I've done it. My research shows how to mutate stable Pustule specimens into more powerful living weapons. The common mutation, spontaneous infectious self-destruction, is no longer its preferred evolutionary path. Uploading the procedures to Xenolab's research cloud... Wait... There's a disruption in the specimen cages. I hear screaming. Activate monitors. My creations breached the safety interlocks. So beautifully clever! So lethal! They're destroying my offices. Quarantine this planet. My beloved Eva, continue my research. Don't weep. This is the price of scientific breakthroughs. Oh! And don't forget: Use acid-resistant restraining collars.

- Dr. Felix Berg, "RV165S: Xenolabs Research"