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The cheats console can be opened by the ^Ctrl + Alt + C key combination.

Cheat Effect
tasman explores the map
barentz explores the map and turns off fog of war
cruijff all units have infinite movement
hauer level up all units and heroes in the selected army
hein win the current game
oppenheimer win the current game through doomsday victory
surrendertome forces the AI to surrender
leeuwenhoek completes the current research
philips completes the production queue in every city
rembrandt grants 100000 Energy and Cosmite
masterskills completes all research
instantskills skills research instantly
ruijter unlocks all hero equipment
oldenbarnevelt grants maximum influence
ikbedoelalles unlocks all world map operations from all races and secret techs
freepop only works with colony selected, gives the colony an additional colonist.
iamgod always win in auto combat
optimalprime enables operations to instantly prime
appeasefaction only works with faction units selected, improves relations with selected faction
hatefaction only works with faction units selected, decreases relations with selected faction
indiana skips the turns between steps in anomalies
makeally only works when looking at a commander in the diplomacy screen (use ctrl+alt+c before clicking diplomacy), changes diplomatic state with that commander to an alliance

(Other cheats for diplomatic states are; makedefensive, makepeace, makeneutral, makewar)

Some of our cheats, such as freepop, can be scaled by adding a number and a space in front. For example; '10 freepop' as a cheat, will give you 10 colonists in the selected colony