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The Celestians are an ancient order of Psionically-gifted individuals that strive to achieve inner enlightenment and create balance and harmony in the universe. They believe Psionic power comes form the Stars, and use this power to protect their ideals and teachings.

  • Starting Unit: Light Bringer
  • Sway enemy soldiers and colonists to your cause
  • NPC diplomacy bonuses
  • Strong Morale buffing and damage reflection
  • Uses the Psionic and Thermal damage channels


The Celestian order was founded a long time ago when Psionic abilities first started to awaken in the human race. They believed this was a new stage in evolution, and advocated a path of inner peace and enlightenment.


The Celestian background gives access to 3 unique celestian units:


A Commander can have the Celestian background which gives it access to Celestian skills.

Skill Skill Point.png Requirements Effects
HeroSkill Celestian AuraOfGuidance.png Aura of Guidance 4 Level 4 Every unit in the hero's army has 10% increased accuracy.
  • Only functions when the hero is the army's commander
HeroSkill Celestian CompellingPresence.png Compelling Presence 5 Level 8 Active Ability: Full action AP FullAction.png

100%Attribute Accuracy.png 3Attribute Range.png
Target enemy unit has an 8Strength psy.png strength chance to be Mind Controlled, increasing to a 12Strength psy.png strength chance if the target is affected by Soulburn. If they survive until the end of combat, they are turned into a colonist. If this fails, the unit takes 22Damage Psionic.png damage.

  • Cooldown: 4Turn
HeroSkill Celestian DenyTheWicked.png Deny the Wicked 4 Level 6 Every unit in the hero's army has 2 damage reduction in all channels against attacks from units with Soulburn.
  • Only functions when the hero is the army's commander
HeroSkill Celestian RevealingSoul.png Revealing Soul 4 Hero gains Template:Blue, and all units that attack the hero have a strength 8Strength psy.png chance of being afflicted with Soulburn.


Celestian tech uses ancient astral philosophy to harness the nobler parts of the psyche.

  • Units, mods and operations primarily buff friendlies, with limited direct damage capability.

While higher tier units in this technology deal psionic damage, Celestian units are more about utility than direct damage, so synergy with psionic weapons research is minor.

Technology Tier Group Prerequisites Interface Knowledge.png Unlocks Description
MilitaryResearch Celestium LightsEmbrace.png Light's Embrace 1 Tactical 100
  • Tenets of Tranquility
  • Cleansing Light
“Ponder the candle’s flame. As it warms you, look at the bruises you have acquired from a lifetime stumbling in darkness. This is your decision. Would you remain in darkness?”
– Sister Rebe Katiere, Cleansing Invitation
MilitaryResearch Celestium Penance.png Penance 2 Tactical MilitaryResearch Celestium LightsEmbrace.png Light's Embrace 150
  • Shield of Remorse
  • Spirit Flash
“Repentance is not punishment, it is celebration. It is a path to becoming trustworthy. Wiser powers do not share their secrets with those whom they cannot trust.”
– Lu’Samaeliss, Guardian of Gravity
MilitaryResearch Celestium Luminance.png Luminance 3 Forces MilitaryResearch Celestium LightsEmbrace.png Light's Embrace 270
  • Amazon Light Bringer
  • Syndicate Light Bringer
  • Vanguard Light Bringer
  • Kir'Ko Light Bringer
  • Assembly Light Bringer
  • Dvar Light Bringer
“Let the light-bringers burn brightly, send a gleam across the bay, that the poor struggling souls adrift in the dark torrents may guide their vessels safely ashore.”
– Lu’Kalla Candelieri, Guardian of Photons
MilitaryResearch Celestium InnerFire.png Inner Fire 3 Strategic MilitaryResearch Celestium Penance.png Penance 270
  • Sway Ideology
  • Soulfire
  • Blessing of Starlight
“As children of the Guiding Star, every soul is born with a light to know right from wrong. When selfish choices entice a soul to extinguish their light, they punish themselves, embracing weakness.”
– Eris Harper, Star Virgin
MilitaryResearch Celestium Continuance.png Perseverance 4 Tactical MilitaryResearch Celestium Penance.png Penance 480
  • Tenets of Healing
  • Negate
“Discipline the mind and the universe will trust you with its secrets.”
– Lu’Qian Wu, Guardian of Mind
MilitaryResearch Celestium StarPresence.png Star Presence 5 Forces MilitaryResearch Celestium Luminance.png Luminance 700
  • Dvar Star Guide
  • Amazon Star Guide
  • Assembly Star Guide
  • Kir'Ko Star Guide
  • Vanguard Star Guide
  • Syndicate Star Guide
“I am full of dark ignorance;
My lost life hungered
In corners of tarnished shame,
It smothers me: this veil of regret.
Your kindness pierces my shroud of guilt.
Loving acts are stars in my Night.
I see:
Guided by sparks of Your Grace.”
– D’Nac, Star Guide’s Confession
MilitaryResearch Celestium LightOfTruth.png Light of Truth 5 Strategic MilitaryResearch Celestium Continuance.png Perseverance 700
  • Declaration of Truth
  • Beacon of Truth
“Truly intelligent life has the capacity to love. Love changes loss into sacrifice, and endures pain for purpose. Love sees the value in every soul and inspires them to surrender their pride and vengeance with an example of selfless service.”
– Sorli Auro, Pilgrim Ascendant
MilitaryResearch Celestium StarWard.png Light of Truth 6 Strategic MilitaryResearch Celestium LightOfTruth.png Light of Truth 1100
  • Futility of War
  • Ward of Righteousness
“We tread a path of martyrs to ascend. Yet as long as intelligence dwells upon this world, the blood of the fallen will cry in the ears of the enlightened. Their souls will recoil from the injustice of stealing a life that deserved to live.”
– Jonah Covenant, Candlekeeper
MilitaryResearch Celestium WayOfPiece.png Way of Peace 6 Tactical MilitaryResearch Celestium Continuance.png Perseverance 1100
  • Tenets of Pacifism
  • Resurgence
“There is no value in pride.
There is no safety behind walls.
There is no strength in rage.
There is no freedom behind bars.
There is no joy in judgment. There is no fortune in gold.
There is no peace in war.”
– Aya Nago, Teacher’s Tenets of Pacifism
MilitaryResearch Celestium ColonySanctuary.png Colony Sanctuary 8 Strategic MilitaryResearch Celestium StarWard.png Star Ward 2000
  • Compelling Cause
  • Sanctuary of the Stars
“Oh! My brethren and sisters, now that we see the truth and partake of this salvific force, does not your heart kindle a fire to share it with all who will receive it? Let us be diligent and gather the faithful pilgrims seeking light.”
– Sigris, Friend of Comets
MilitaryResearch Celestium Repurcussion.png Repercussion 9 Tactical MilitaryResearch Celestium WayOfPiece.png Way of Peace 2500
  • Shield of Reckoning
  • Area of Reprieve
“For those who give no reprieve, none shall be given. For those who make no amends, there shall come a reckoning.”
– Lu’Vir Corr, Guardian of the Key
MilitaryResearch Celestium AxiomOfLight.png Axiom of Light 10 Forces MilitaryResearch Celestium StarPresence.png Star Presence 3250
  • True Ascendancy
“Intelligence unveils realms of choice, just as sunlight traces many paths, making visible their destinations. So too does giving word to light convey pure intelligence to both travelers: teacher and student.”
– Lu’Dex Pon, Guardian of the Door
MilitaryResearch Celestium Ascension.png Ascension 10 Strategic MilitaryResearch Celestium ColonySanctuary.png Colony Sanctuary 3250
  • Final Revelation
“Life is no accident, nor game of chance, but the natural consequence of cosmic harmony. The grand harmony played upon the strings that formed reality.”
– Aya Nago, Exalted Transcendent


Celestian technology gives access to unique celestian Operations when researched.

Weapons and mods

Celestian technology gives access to unique celestian Equipment when researched. Some of these items can also drop from loot found on the map