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A campaign is a sequence of missions connected through a shared story, that unfolds during progression. Each mission is played with an unique commander with fixed faction and secret tech; appearence and perks can still be altered to own preferences. Each campaign mission is played on a unique planet with a random generated map (except Dolos Minerva (Tutorial), which has fixed assets for teaching reasons). The encountered commanders, factions, NPC factions and objectives are tied to and reflect the story of the mission.

During the missions, objectives may alter through the commanders' progression and certain decisions during quests. This can lead to changed diplomatic standings with other commanders, new objectives or swaping the player commander's secret tech.

Available Campaigns[edit | edit source]

Campaign Name Origin Description Features
Remnants of the Star Union Age of Wonders Planetfall Campaign Thumbnail.png The heirs of a shattered galactic empire emerge from a cosmic dark age to reclaim the universe.
Revelations Age of Wonders Planetfall Revelations Campaign Thumbnail.png Buried below the sands of time, an ancient dynasty is waiting to reclaim its legacy.
Invasions Age of Wonders Planetfall Invasions Campaign Thumbnail.png Living amon their enemies, an alien threat is getting ready to show its true colors.
Star Kings Age of Wonders Planetfall Star Kings Campaign Thumbnail.png From their archives of knowledge, a galactic society emerges to shape the future of this galaxy and crown their new empire.