Bloated Pustule

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Tier 1

Base Cost 35 Interface Energy.png 150 Interface Production.png

25 Attribute HP.png 0 Attribute Armor.png 0 Attribute Shields.png 40 Movement General.png


Bloated Pustules have access to the following basic abilities





It's amazing how much of my advice gets ignored all because the best thing I can advise is to run away. If you ever see a large overinflated pustule separate itself from another Xenoplague pustules and approach, RUN! You can't make friends with an infectious plague. Diplomatic Envoy Derwinnivik thought he could. That's why he died. As did the rest of his company that ignored my warning and surrounded that swollen undulating snot-ball. What did it do? It exploded! Boom! All of them died or were infected. It's why they eventually quarantined Sunkist-II.

- Mah Reg'Nib, "RV-4000X: Vacation Hotspots"