Ascended Teacher

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Ascended Teacher is a Celestian tier 4 unit. It has a base cost of 170Interface Energy.png, 700Interface Production.png and 40Interface Cosmite.png. It has 70Attribute HP.png 0Attribute Armor.png 6Attribute Shields.png and 32Movement General.png


I'll admit, Celestians are most impressive in their disciplined pursuit of higher power. I traveled with an Ascended Teacher of the Celestian order. He reminded me of the bright beings from fervent proselyting religions of the forgotten past. They too led armies and inspired worship or burning. This Teacher had the power to convict the souls of whole armies. Teacher's radiance healed the faithful and scorched the hateful. Yet, I'll never forget Teacher's haunting stillness when I asked him the three words I ask all who claim to have found ultimate purpose.

Are you happy?

- Mah Reg'Nib, "RV-5577X: Forgotten Places"